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Version: v2.3.2
by: inthedrops [More]

Hermes tracks your raid's cooldowns, and displays them using configurable buttons or bars. What's unique about Hermes is it's ability to tell you who "does" and "does not" have a particular cooldown available. If you're a raid leader, healer, tank or anyone who has to coordinate cooldowns, you'll appreciate the approach Hermes takes.

Hermes also tracks cooldowns of non Hermes users using it's Spell Monitor feature.

Release v2.3 Notes
This release includes significant changes since v2.2.
If upgrading from v2.2 or earlier, you will lose your existing container setup. Please visit the archived history page for full release notes.

Tutorial Videos (updated for v2.3)
Walkthrough: Hermes Overview
Walkthrough: GridButtons view
Walkthrough: CooldownBars view
Walkthrough: Using the GridBars view to monitor Raid Cooldowns

For more details, full release notes, and other updates please visit the Hermes home page at:

Feature Chart

v2.3.2 (07/10/2011)
Added two new views:
* Bars view: This view is nearly identical to GridBars, but with no need need to specify the number of bars. The advantage is having no wasted screenspace. The disadvantage is slighly fewer layout options.
* Logger view: This acts like a mini chat frame window where spell usage and availability changes are written. It can be used as a reference to determine who is using spells at appropriate times.

Fixed bug:
* Sometimes bars would show transparent when they weren't supposed to.

v2.3 (07.06.2011)

Major Feature Summary
* Merge spells capability (many spells can be treated as one)
* Better out of the box Spell Monitor support (cooldowns, adjustments, and requirements are provided by Hermes.)
* Enable/disable containers (hide containers you don't need until later)
* Filter players (ignore groups 6-8, offline players, etc.)
* Any given spell can now exist in multiple containers (or none at all).
* Significantly more bar configuration options.
* Proper ButtonFacade implementation (with Masque support as well).
* Improved configuration screens.
* Added Duration Timer for CooldownBars and GridBars views.
* Additional default spells added.
* UI Architecture overhaul (see below)

UI Architecture Changes
* The old UI has been replaced by the new UI, affectionately named "UI".
* Drag and Drop has been removed. Spells are now ordered via the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
* Spells are no longer limited to a single container, nor are they required to exist in any containers. This is also configured in the "Spells" configuration tab of each container.
* Containers now have views. Views control how a container displays itself. Each view has it's own configuration settings.
* A Container only has one active view, but you can change it's view at any time. Change the view in the "Container" tab of a container.
* The three views available today are:
** CooldownBars: This is a direct replacement for "LightUI". If you were a fan of LightUI, this is the view you'll want to use.
** GridButtons: This is the default button style view that current users are familiar with. Spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.
** GridBars: A highly customizable spell bar view, spells are arranged automatically via an invisible grid.

Note: If you need the old UI, you can find it in the Hermes folder under a separate folder called Hermes-LegacyUI. Just move this folder into your addons folder, and enable the addon in the Blizzard addon list.

Hermes v2.2

* Compatibility updates for Firelands, 4.2.
* Spell Monitor: Fixed bug with Soulstones not tracking when used to res dead player.
* Spell Monitor: Last Stand and Rallying Cry will now trigger each other when one or the other is used.
* DefaultUI: The "Lock Containers" option now also locks all drag and drop capability. To enable dragging again, you need to unlock the containers. The purpose of this change is to be able to click through buttons/bars and select mobs behind them. I don't think anyone is ever dragging while in combat!
* DefaultUI: Added option to control background color of bars on cooldown (Bars Display only).
* DefaultUI: Added option to enable/disable the tooltip per container (enabled by default).
* DefaultUI: Fixed mysterious dissapearing icons from nameplates.
* DefaultUI: Fixed bug where creating new containers, renaming containers, or various other tasks resulted in Lua error.

Hermes v2.1

* Converted time format for bars from Seconds to HH:MM:SS.
* Hermes version now exposed through options window (changed version schema as a result)
* Small performance improvements
* Updated German translation.
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Great idea for an addon, great replacement for the old and somewhat obsolete oRA 2/3. ty.
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