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AiL  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.9.3
by: havoc74 [More]

Simply adds your average item level to your character frame, and adds other players' average item level to the tooltip.

*** NOTICE *** Version 0.9.1 may require you to actually click on your target to get correct results. This is a bug in Blizzard's API, sorry for the inconvenience.

12-30-2010: AiL-0.4: Bug Fix: While Inspect Frame is open, mousing over another player throws an exception. Thank you zaphon.

12-29-2010: AiL-0.3: Bug Fix: GetAiL() returning nil on a naked player unit. Thank you Krellmax and zaphon.

6-13-2012: AiL-0.6: As per comment requests, I updated AiL to update the Character Frame when an item is swapped with another. Also, as far as I can tell, the Transmog doesn't affect the addon in any way. All tests on self and other players proved to be accurate. Thank you again for the comments, and again, I apologize for not updating this addon more frequently.

6-13-2012: AiL-0.7: Quick Bug Fix - iLevel reporting as nil at load.

7-20-2012: AiL-0.8: Responded to a request to remove the "AiL -VERSION- Loaded." Chat Frame Notification.

9-1-2012: AiL-0.9: Updated to MoP Pre-Release patch 5.0.4.

9-7-2012: AiL-0.9.1: Using Skarj's suggestion, AiL works, but you may have to actually click on your target to get correct results.

9-23-2012: AiL-0.9.2: Fixed the issue of not being able to inspect a unit if AiL is enabled.

9-26-2012: AiL-0.9.3: Removed the un-needed Character Frame. This also eliminated an LUA error on showing the Character Frame.
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Very good, I thought of that before
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