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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Created:01-11-11 06:20 PM
DrGlenn's Aion UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.15
by: DrGlenn [More]

Now includes an optional cobalt blue color scheme!

This is my take on a verbatim Aion UI for World of Warcraft.

This compilation supports a resolution of 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 out of the box.

Crafty users can make this work with other resolutions.

This compilation contains the following addons:
- Align
- AdiBags
- BugGrabber
- BugSack
- Buttonfacade_Aion
- Chatter
- Chinchilla Minimap
- DockingStation
- Dominos
- ErrorMonster
- Grid2
- HideRaidFrame
- IHasNoScope (custom mod by Zork)
- kgPanels
- Masque
- MikScrollingBattleText
- OmniCC
- Postal
- Quartz
- Raven
- Reflux
- SellJunk
- SharedMedia (including LibSharedMedia)
- shPerformance (including shMem)
- StatBlock Durability
- Stuf Unitframes
- TipTac
- tullaRange

I take no credit what-so-ever for the above list of amazing addons.
I merely made them work together to bring you an Aion-like-experience
Kudos & credit goes to every single author of all the addons

!Read the included "README"-file for in-depth installation instructions!

Useful slash-commands and tips:
"/adibags" - bag config
"/stuf" - unitframe config
"/quartz" - casting-bar config
"/dominos" - actionbar config
"/raven" - buff/debuff-display config
"/tiptac" - tooltip config
"/dockingstation" - LDB display container config
"/grid2" - for grid raidframes config

You can change the minimap tracking setting by hovering over the minmap and clicking the middle mousebutton.

The LFG-window, PVP-window and Calendar are all accessible from 3 buttons left of the minimap. See below image for reference.

I've also added 2 buttons for quick access to the Dungeon Journal window and Pets'n'Mounts window. See below image for reference.

Most addon settings can be adjusted using the default Interface-menu.

Every addon in this compilation can be updated manually, except for:

Pre-release versions of this UI can be viewed @ the following locations on YouTube:

Raid frame demo:

- v1.15
Updated addons included in the UI

- v1.14
Updated addons included in the UI

Anchored minimap overlay texture to the actual minimap itself instead of bottom bars (hopefully fixing strata related bugs)

- v1.13
Updated addons included in the UI

Repositioned the quest and achievement tracker (chinchilla)

Changed strata of minimap from medium to low in order for LFG and PVP icon tooltips to be visible (chinchilla)

- v1.12
Updated addons included in the UI

Removed SimplePowerBar since Dominos is now handling the ExtraActionButton and EncounterBar

Replaced Parrot with MikScrollingBattleText (MSBT) and reconfigured ErrorMonster to output in the MSBT Notification scroll area

Added 2 buttons for quick access to the Dungeon Journal window and Pets'n'Mounts window. Both have working tooltips and will autohide when a PetBattle initiates.

Reduced the number of buffs and debuffs shown at the Target and Focus unitframe. Number of buffs are now 24 (down from 36) and number of debuffs are now 20 (down from 40). This was done to reduce UI clutter in the top of the screen.

Removed faction info from tooltip

Added dungeon-role icon to Grid2's right-frame position

Softened the hard edges of the Target and Focus unitframe texture for both the cobalt and golden version of the UI

Fixed the background alpha for the castbar(s) in the golden version of the UI

Note: when starting a Pandaren character, the PvP faction icon located to the left of the Target and Focus unitframe healthbar will bug out and display a solid green frame, until you actually select a faction (Horde or Alliance).

- v1.11
Updated addons included in the UI

Added new castbar textures for player/target/focus with improved transparency

Added onLoad code to every kgPanels texture to force hiding during PetBattles

Enabled Stuf Unitframes option to hide during PetBattles

And did a bunch of tweaks I've already forgotten about!

- v1.10
Updated a few of the addons included in the UI

Fixed all the frame-level issues related to unitframes, castbars and nameplates.

Added SimplePowerBar to reposition the AlternatePowerBar

Added ErrorMonster to get quest-info output sent to Parrot

Attempted to fix the XP-bar tooltip flickering issue by disabling the tooltips for shMem, shPerformance and shLatency. Crude fix == might not work.

- v1.09
Updated almost every addon in the UI for WoW 5.0.X compatibility

Removed ACP (AddonControlPanel) because of bugs

Replaced RaidHide with HideRaidFrame

Added Ace3

Removed TotemTimers due to Shaman changes. Stuf will display totem cooldowns instead.

Disabled overheals and loot in Parrot

Configured PriestBar and ChiBar in Stuf. Reconfigured DeathKnightRuneBar.

Disabled BossFrames in Chinchilla

Added custom tooltips to the customized LFD, PVP and Calendar buttons.

Removed insanely bloated font from SharedMedia (wqy-zenhei)

Fixed onEvent script(s) in kgPanels, in order for the customized raid-background to show/hide/resize properly in raids.

And loads of other tweaks I can't remember ;)

- v1.08
Added optional cobalt blue textures (finally!).

Added modified ButtonFacade_Aion textures to go with the new cobalt blue color scheme.

Added modified Dominos-XP-bar to mimic the original Aion experience bar. Including tooltip function.

Added Zork's IHasNoScope addon for error message handling.

Disabled the Grid2 icon from the DockingStation bar.

Updated the included addons to latest stable version.

- v1.07
Updated the included addons for patch 4.3.

Replaced ErrorMonster with Haste's IHasNoScope error-spam-management addon.

- v1.06
Added Grid2 for raidframe support!

Added RaidHide to remove every last bit of the default Blizzard raidframes (including the annoying left side-menu)

Removed text on mouse-over on the XP-bar. It was unreadable due to the tiny height of the bar.

Updated AdiBags

- v1.05
Repositioned class-specific power bars: holy power, soul shards, eclipse and runes.

Repositioned and stickied stance bar.

Repositioned tooltip anchor to above and slight to the right of the minimap, similar to what you would find in the native Aion UI.

Replaced Bagnon with AdiBags.

Replaced TipTop with TipTac (yay, TipTac is up2date:).

Replaced SatrinaBuffFrame with Raven. Raven is a worthy replacement, it's up2date and it rocks!

Removed TinyDPS. I couldn't find a fitting location for it, and ultimately it goes against the Aion theme and spirit to add any sort of damage-meter to the UI.

Disabled ticks from showing up on the player's castbar.

All remaining addons were replaced by the latest version found on WoWinterface and WoWace.

- v1.04
Updated for patch 4.2

- v1.03
Added support for 1920x1080 ! (quite a few people requested it) ;)

Removed TipTac, replaced it with TipTop.

Focus-target health percentage text was missing - fixed.

Focus-target-of-target raid-icon was missing - fixed.

Player power-bar color has been changed to class dependent.

- v1.02
Every single healthbar and powerbar re-configured to get the proper round-edge-blending with the associated texture.

Target health value text removed and replaced with a look similar to the original Aion-style, which in essence divides the target healthbar up into 4 quarters of texture each representing 25% health.

I also opted for having the exact target health percentage listed on the right side of the target unitframe for when you need to know the exact percentage value. ;)

You can still obtain the exact total health value by mousing over the unit and read the tooltip.

Mrplow was removed due to a plethora of bugs under 4.0.6.

A bunch of addons were updated, and many of them were tweaked.

- v1.01
First release.
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Unread 01-12-11, 07:26 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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i've actually editted a couple of the textures to make them more fluid with real target and cast bar windows. made them so the bar's are behind the art texture so that u don't get the square bar look. instead u get the round edge like in aion.
i will prob work on the rest making them the same and maybe even enhance them a bit if i can. i think you did a good job at that already.
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Unread 01-12-11, 07:23 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thanks for the help. Now I can see the art bar and all the stuff without needing to scale the ui. Now there is only one detail left. As you can see in the next picture the addon that shows the fps and the memory usage is over the minimap. Is there a way for moving it?

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Unread 01-11-11, 10:59 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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first off i love the ui i run it at 1680x1050 and everything lines up perfect... for previous poster on the scaling thing here is a possible fix:
go in-game and type:

/kgpanels config

then go the active panels
go one by one and uncheck the lock panel button. the first one called actionbarleft controls most all the bottom art. actionbarright controls alot of the overlays that tie in with the actionbarleft art so u will have to move one then lock it then move other to match.

when u unlock a window u won't see anything change til u move ur mouse over the area and then u will see a light blue box highlight then just click and move or at the bottom right u will see the like triangle icon to scale the art.

one more not while in the kgpanels config window before u change anything make a new profil at the bottom of the list that way if u mess anything up u can always revert back to the MyAionUI profile.

ps i am goin to bed now so i won't be able to help u any further til i get up in the morning unless the ui maker gets on and can help u further. if u can't get it don't let me know and i'll see if i can get it done on my comp tomorrow if i have time.
Last edited by devan69 : 01-11-11 at 11:09 PM.
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Unread 01-11-11, 10:00 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Great Job

I've been following your job since the first youtube video. You did a great job. I'm using a your UI on a laptop screen with 1366x768 as native resolution.
I move a lot of frames in order to have a good configuration but at the end scaling the ui to minimal makes impossible to read a lot of things like the quest log or the talent window.
If I did not scale the ui is there a way to move the bar art at the bottom? I haven't found the addon that controls it.
Sorry for my bad English I'm still learning the language.
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