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Version: 1.0.0
by: Mortella [More]

This addon is for people who like their world to be uncluttered by hovering text, yet still find it useful in certain situations such as pvp and in instances.

It handles the following situation, toggling various name displays off and on.

When your character becomes flagged for PvP, it turns the display of your name, enemy names and enemy pet names on. Off when you are no longer PvP flagged.

Turns on the display of NPC names when in an instance, off when outside of an instance.

If your character is in a city or town (resting) it displays friendly names and friendly pet names on, off when you leave town.

There are no configure options, it just does what it does.

To install, download, extract to the Interface/Addons folder in your WoW directory, enable (should enable by default) login and enjoy.

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