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Version: 1.0.1
by: mmolitor87 [More]

Resolution: 1920x1080
Note: Due to the nature of KG panels, the UI may not appear the same under any other resolution.

Note about profiles and possible personal information: I'm not perfect by any means, so chances are my personal information and or profiles for my characters may slip through. I would appreciate if you just delete any personal information you come across and let me know in a comment what it was that I missed so I can better prepare in the future.

History Note: Because of the note above, I have turned off the settings for -most- addons that save information such as Postal and WIM. If you want those features, turn them back on yourself.

Tidy Plates Note: Tidy Plates currently has a bug where crowd control frames on it bug out. Simply disable lua errors in the settings for now.

1. Back up your Interface and WTF folders.
2. Unzip MaikarUI.zip to any location and copy the Interface and WTF folders to your wow directory.
3. Rename in WTF folder:
- Account Name with your account name.
- Server Name with your server name.
- Character Name with your character's name.
4. Log in and make sure all addons are enabled at the character select and all out of date addons are loaded. (some toc files may be behind the server version)
5. Log in and type /reflux switch MaikarUI

Bagnon: (/bagnon) Single bag and bank interface.
Bartender: (/bt) Action bars mod.
BigRed: (/bigred) Error customization.
BlizzBuffsFacade: Skins buff icons with ButtonFacade.
ButtonFacade: (/bf) Allows skinning through any addon that supports ButtonFacade.
Clique: Keybinding addon, options in spellbook.
Deadly Boss Mods: (/dbm) Raid warnings.
eAlign: (/align) Puts a grid on the screen so I can align things and make them pretty.
Grid: (/grid) Raid frames.
- GridManaBars: Adds mana bars to grid.
- GridSideIndicators: Adds more indicators to grid.
- GridStatusHots: Tracking druid hots!
- GridStatusRaidDebuff: Raid debuffs as indicators.
kgPanels: (/kgpanels config) All the pretty panels behind stuffs.
Mappy: Minimap mod!
Mapster: World map mod.
MikScrollingBattleText: (/msbt) Floating combat text.
mLootRoll: (/mlr) Skins and relocates the loot roll windows.
Omen: (/omen config) Threat meter.
OmniCC: (/omnicc) Cooldowns on buttons.
Postal: (/postal) Mail addon.
Prat: (/prat) Chat addon.
Quartz: (/quartz) Castbar addon/dot tracker.
Recount: (/recount) Damage meter.
Reflux: (/reflux) You probably don't want to mess with this too much. Stores addon settings profiles so you can switch to all the proper profiles without a hitch.
SellJunk: Sells grey items.
Shadowed Unit Frames: (/suf) Unit frames!
TidyPlates: (/tidyplates) Nameplates addon.
TipTac: Tooltip skinning and relocation.
Wow Instant Messenger: (/wim) Instant messages, yay!

-Cleaned up some personal files (oops!)
-Adjusted the Error Frame size
-Moved the loot frames a bit
-Made grid settings more generic


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