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Version: 1.0
by: werkkrew [More]

AkUI is a graphical UI compilation originally designed for healing. I never intended to release this UI and it was never developed for public consumption. However, due to the multitude of requests I have gotten on YouTube, I am releasing it.


This was originally a very old version of LeveeUI so I do not want to take all of the credit. However, I was unwilling to let go of the UI long after he stopped supporting this version, and it has now been totally overhauled to support recent versions of core addons as well as other addons being totally replaced due to lack of support.

I will NOT support this addon and it should be considered an advanced ui for experienced addon users. It may not work perfectly out of the box.

The bars were designed for optimal use with my Belkin n52te, so before you ask that is why they are in a 5-5-4 configuration at the bottom with a shift modifier to flip them.

I run at 1920x1200 Resolution but this UI should work on any Widescreen resolution (16:9 or 16:10)

You can view the UI in action on my YouTube videos!

Included Addons
  • _Cursor
  • Ace3
  • Bagnon
  • Bagnon_Config
  • Bagnon_Forever
  • Bagnon_Tooltips
  • Bartender4
  • BigBrother
  • ButtonFacade
  • ButtonFacade_Entropy
  • Cellular
  • Deadly Boss Mods
    • DBM-BaradinHold
    • DBM-BastionTwilight
    • DBM-BlackwingDescent
    • DBM-Core
    • DBM-GUI
    • DBM-Party-Cataclysm
    • DBM-PvP
    • DBM-ThroneFourWinds
    • DBM-WorldEvents
  • ForteXorcist
    • Forte_Casting
    • Forte_Cooldown
    • Forte_Core
    • Forte_DeathKnight
    • Forte_Druid
    • Forte_Healthstone
    • Forte_Hunter
    • Forte_Mage
    • Forte_Paladin
    • Forte_Priest
    • Forte_Rogue
    • Forte_Shaman
    • Forte_Shard
    • Forte_Soulstone
    • Forte_Summon
    • Forte_Talent
    • Forte_Timer
    • Forte_Vehicle
    • Forte_Warlock
    • Forte_Warrior
  • Gladius
  • Grid
  • GridStatusHots
  • GridRaidIcons
  • kgPanels
  • kgPanelsConfig
  • Mapster
  • Omen
  • OmniCC
  • OmniCC_Config
  • Pitbull4
    • Pitbull4_Aggro
    • Pitbull4_Aura
    • Pitbull4_Background
    • Pitbull4_BlankSpace
    • Pitbull4_Border
    • Pitbull4_CastBar
    • Pitbull4_CastBarLatency
    • Pitbull4_CombatFader
    • Pitbull4_CombatIcon
    • Pitbull4_CombatText
    • Pitbull4_ComboPoints
    • Pitbull4_DogTagTexts
    • Pitbull4_DruidManaBar
    • Pitbull4_Eclipse
    • Pitbull4_ExperienceBar
    • Pitbull4_HappinessIcon
    • Pitbull4_HealthBar
    • Pitbull4_HideBlizzard
    • Pitbull4_Highlight
    • Pitbull4_HolyPower
    • Pitbull4_HostilityFader
    • Pitbull4_LeaderIcon
    • Pitbull4_LuaTexts
    • Pitbull4_ManaSpark
    • Pitbull4_MasterLooterIcon
    • Pitbull4_Portrait
    • Pitbull4_PowerBar
    • Pitbull4_PvPIcon
    • Pitbull4_QuestIcon
    • Pitbull4_RaidTargetIcon
    • Pitbull4_RangeFader
    • Pitbull4_ReadyCheckIcon
    • Pitbull4_ReputationBar
    • Pitbull4_RestIcon
    • Pitbull4_RoleIcon
    • Pitbull4_Runes
    • Pitbull4_SoulShards
    • Pitbull4_Sounds
    • Pitbull4_ThreatBar
    • Pitbull4_Totems
    • Pitbull4_VisualHeal
    • Pitbull4_VisualHeal5
    • Pitbull4_VoiceIcon
  • Postal
  • Power Auras Classic
  • Prat-3.0
  • Prat-3.0_HighCPUUsageModules
  • Prat-3.0_Libraries
  • Quartz
  • Recount
  • Reflux
  • SatrinaBuffFrame
  • SBFOptions
  • SexyMap
  • SharedMediaLib
  • Skinner
  • SLDataText
  • Snowfall Keypress
  • TidyPlates
    • TidyPlates_Graphite
    • TidyPlates_Grey
    • TidyPlates_Neon
  • TipTac

  • Backup your current UI (WTF and Interface Folders)
  • Copy included files into your wow folder
  • Rename folders as needed inside the WTF tree
  • Log into wow
  • Type "/reflux switch AkUI" (Case Sensitive)
  • Note: Some things such as chat frames or minimap might have to be placed manually.

Support and Updates

As previously mentioned, I am uploading this UI with no support due to demand. I do not want the additional workload of trying to answer a million questions. Please be experienced before trying to use this UI.

However, as this is a 1.0 release and I was unable to fully test it, I will offer limited support until the majority of people can attest that it works for them.

As a side note, this ui can be fully updated via whatever means you usually use (curse, wowinterface, wowace, etc). The only things which will break the UI are MAJOR updates (Like Grid to Grid2 or something similar).

In the event of a major addon update, I will post a new working version relatively quickly.

Basically, if something happens which breaks MY UI, I will fix it and post the fix here. If you break the UI or cannot get it working at all - I cannot really help you.

-Akashi <Solipsis> / Stormrage US / Alliance

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I have used this since i found it over a year ago. Any chance to get an update for patch 5.0.4? Thanks
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