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Daemon Money Looter

Version: 1.0.1a
by: Daemonkri [More]

Daemon Money Looter adds an option to "Auto Loot Money Only" to the Interface options menu. When enabled, only money is auto looted. There is also an option to automatically close the loot window after money has been auto looted.

Great addon for looting trash mobs where you don't want the items but you do want the money.

How To: Enable/Disable Auto Money Loot

  • Open the Interface Options window by clicking the "Game Menu" button and then clicking the "Interface" button in the menu.
  • Under the "Controls" options you will find two additional settings for auto looting.
  • You can only check "Auto Loot Money Only" if "Auto Loot" is not checked as the default game auto loot already includes money when looting.
  • If you check the box next to "Auto Loot Money Only" then the second new option becomes enabled. The "Close loot window after auto looting money" option, if checked, will automatically close the loot window after looting the money.

    Warning: Enabling auto closing of the loot window will always auto close gathering profession loot windows (i.e. mining, herbalism, skinning, etc.) without collecting the loot since there is no money in the loot. To collect the gathering node's loot, hold the "Loot Key" / "Auto Loot Key" key before right-clicking the node to auto loot all items. You can set which key you need to hold in the Interface options window under "Controls" by selecting the key for "Loot Key" / "Auto Loot Key".

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A Kobold Labourer

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why not make the mod close the loot window ONLY if it has looted money?

would seem to fix the problem with trade screens and gathering loot windows..

good luck, and have fun!
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