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Fel UI

Version: V1.01
by: Felonidas [More]

FEL UI V1.01 Date: February 12th (updated)

Hello there,

I decided to post my UI online as I think it's quite interesting and I think some people will really like it! I've spent hours configuring it and although I'm new I think you wont have to change much in it to make it the same as I have it. If you do have problems do not hesitate to ask me about it!

The Maelstrom EU

Step 1: Make a back-up of your Old WTF and Interface folders.
(I can't stress this enough, if it doesn't work for you, you'lle lose your current set up!)

Step 2: Extract the Fel UI folders to your WOW directory. This means either replacing your WTF and Interface folder. Or in case you completelly moved them you can just put them in your WoW directory.

Step 3: Go into WTF folder and rename all the given things (Account Name, Server Name, CHaracter Name etc.) to yours, Account Name must be in Caps.

Step 4 (added V1.01): Start the game up and type: "/reflux switch Fel UI" it might look likes its ok, but certain add-ons dont work fine if you dont use that command.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I've tested some and found out the whole UI isn't working. Added Reflux to the list of add-ons and made a "reflux profile". It should be working right now, let me know!

- Added reflux
- Added Atlas
- Extra step (how to)


- Atlas (added V1.01)
- Bartender4
- BeanCounter
- ButtonFacade
- DataStore
- Grid
- Informant
- KgPanels
- Omen
- OmniCC
- Postal
- Prat 3.0
- Quartz
- Recount
- Reflux (added v1.01)
- Satrina Buff Frame's
- Scrolling Combat Text
- Sexy Map
- Shadowed Unit Frames
- Stubby
- TidyPlates
- Titan Panel

Raid Add-ons:
- BigWigs

Special DK Add-ons:
- Magic Runes
- Blood Shield Tracker

- Usable with a 1920x1080 resolution.

*All Credits goes to the creator's of these add-ons without them, us WoW-players would be nothing.

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Just a check on how the experience is with this UI? Anything I can improve, tell me! Talk to me!
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