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TBIntel - Tol Barad Intelligence

Version: 1.0.1
by: LilBudyWizer [More]

TBIntel is short for Tol Barad Intelligence. Intelligence in this context being information, i.e. spies. The goal is to cut through the fog of war and provide situational awareness. The main focus is saving you from needing to open the world map to get a idea of the current situation. Just for the heck of it I threw in a timer that shows who controls Tol Barad, how long until the next battle and allows you to queue for the battleground.

There is a row of information for each POI as well as the overall zone. The POI's are the icons you would see on the world map, i.e. Baradin Hold, Ironclad Garrison, Warden's Vigil, Slagworks, West Spire, South Spire and East Spire. The bottom line is for the overall zone. The first column is the icon showing the current status of the POI as you would see on the world map. Where the icon for the overall total line would be is a button for hiding the class columns. Next to each icon is the name of the POI, i.e. Baradin Hold. The overall total line is, more or less, the sum of the column.

The next ten columns is the number of players in the raid of each class in that location. That would mainly only be useful if someone leading had a level of control they are unlikely to have so you can hide it. It could be helpful if you want to go where the healers are. Following those columns is the total for the location. If you're in that location it includes allied players seen in the combat log in the last 15s. The overall total though includes all allied players in the battleground subject to a 15s update cycle.

The next column is the number dead. That is where they are at, not where they died at. If they released as a defender then that's Baradin Hold. This is strictly your raid. The combat log parsing does not track alive/dead status. The next column is deaths per minute, actually deaths in the last minute, which is also just your raid. This can be higher than the number of people in a location and particularly so for attackers since they res at the keeps.

The final column is the enemies. While information for allied players can come from the raid group, combat log or the general channel list the information for enemies comes only from the combat log. This is subject to a 15s limit. If you haven't seen them in over 15s in the combat log you don't where they are even if they are standing right in front of you. When it comes to locations the location for anyone not in your raid comes from the combat log and is assumed to be the same place you are when you see them. Location is the closest POI which may not be where you res to and doesn't mean you're on the flag.

The timer is pretty simple. If you aren't in an instance and aren't in Tol Barad, including the penninsula, then it shows who controls Tol Barad and time to next battle. The background for the icon showing control is color coded. Blue means you can't queue yet. Yellow means you can queue, but haven't. Green means you can and have queued. Red means it's in progress whether you're queued or not. If the queue is available and you're not queued then right clicking on the time will queue you.

The addon has very limited options at this time accessible through the interface options panel. Highlighting is color coding various data by rather crude rules at this point. As an example towers are highlighted by the number of siege engines parked at it. I find it useful to see the situation at a glance, my wife doesn't. There is an option for announcing data which was mainly a stopgap measure while I was working on the mod. Auto queue will queue you for the battleground once the queue becomes available. Queue once will turn off auto queue once you're queued. Either way you'll only be queued once per battle. If you leave the queue you have to manually rejoin it if you want to requeue.

Vers 1.0.1
Deaths per minutes (P) was wrong. Rather than detecting death, just detected dead, counted players twice and continued reporting for a minute after they ressed rather than died.

Bug tracking the capture bar. It's not used in the display so has no direct impact other than the display of the error, but that's annoying enough to warrent changing.

Known: Duplicate keeps. It doesn't pop up the error message dialog, but it does flood the chat window with bursts of error messages. Hopefully Blizzard fixes this but if not I'll get rid of it.
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