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Hal UI Reborn

Version: 1.0
by: LatexHealer [More]

Hal's UI Reborn [By Kiran]

This is a REMAKE of the ever so popular Hal's UI. It was inspired by Tuk UI, Affinity UI, and Hal's UI. I however did NOT use layouts present in any of them. This is a complete remake of the original Hal's UI with modifications.

It was a popular UI that stopped getting updated after BC. Because I personally loved the UI and the way the original author [Hal] set it up, i decided to remake it into a new updated UI.

The current layout is setup for healers, but works for any class. List of mods are below.

If you have trouble getting the UI to look the correct way, look under the profile settings until you find the correct one. Although it should auto set itself.

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