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Version: 1.1
by: Aribel [More]



LeneaUI was created for my own personal use, and I do not intended to make any major changes/tweaks to it at this time. However, if you have any questions or issues, please leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll do my best to help out. I have removed all addons that are not visible in the UI, such as Atlasloot, in order to cut down on the file size, etc. In addition to the standard UI, I have included a second profile -- the second simply adds an experience/rep bar.

The kgPanels frames were largely inspired by TarynnUI and the Unit Frames were created by Caellian. All credit goes to them for these features, as well as to the authors of the other addons used.

LeneaUI was created using 1600x900 resolution. I do not intended to modify or add any others, but with a bit of tweaking, you should be able to make it work on any setting -- just requires basic knowledge of kgPanels.

1. Back up your Interface and WTF folders. [Save 'em somewhere safe!]
2. Download this UI. Extract the Interface and WTF folders included into your WoW directory.
3. Rename the folders within the WTF folder to reflect your account, realm and character information.
4. Login to WoW.
-To load the UI that does not include an xp/rep bar type: /reflux switch Len (this is case sensitive).
-To load the UI the does include an xp/rep bar type /reflux switch Ellien (this is case sensitive).
*Please note: Some addons (such as Recount) may need to be adjusted.

AddOns Used (along with their slash commands/configuration info)
  • AddOn Control Pannel (Found in the Game 'esc' Menu.) - Manage AddOns without logging out.
  • Align (/align) - Creates a grid on the screen to help place frames, etc.
  • Bartender (/bt) - Action Bar Mod.
  • Basic Minimap (In the Interface AddOns Tab) - Minimap Mod.
  • bBuff (/movebuffs) - Allows buffs/debuffs to be dragged to a new location.
  • ButtonFacade (/bf) - Skins for action bars.
  • ButtonFacade Svelte - Skin for ButtonFacade used in LeneaUI.
  • CaelNameplates (.Lua configuration) - Nameplates mod.
  • Healbot (Minimap Icon) - Healing frames.
  • kgPanels (/kgpanels config) - Creates panels.
  • MicroExperience (.Lua configuration) - Experience/Rep bar.
  • MinimapButtonFrame (/mbf) - Collects minimap icons into one collapsible frame.
  • NeedToKnow (/ntk) - Allows you to monitor specific buffs/debuffs/totems as timer bars.
  • nibChatTab (In the Interface AddOn tab) - Text based chat tabs.
  • Omen (/omen config) - Threat meter.
  • OmniCC (In the Interface Addon Tab) - Places cooldown timers on skills
  • oUF (.Lua configuration) - Unit framework mod.
  • oUF_Caellian (.Lua configuration) - oUF skin used for unit frames.
  • oUF_MovableFrames (/omf) - Allows you to move unit frames in game.
  • Postal - Mailbox mod.
  • Prat (/prat) - Chat mod.
  • RatingBuster - Item comparison tool.
  • Recount (settings icon on title bar) - Damage meter.
  • Reflux (/reflux) - Allows you to save UI profiles.
  • TipTac (/tiptac) - Tooltips addon
  • SLDT (/sldt) - Text based information mod.
Once again, thanks to the authors of all the addons used. You guys rock. Screenshot of AddOns folder included. If I missed anything, thanks to those authors too!

Comments or feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy!

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FPS drop!

im droping alot of FPS when im using this ui :S
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