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Updated: 04-29-11 04:42 AM
Updated:04-29-11 04:42 AM
Created:04-29-11 04:42 AM


Version: 0.1 Ugly
by: Rilgamon [More]

This AddOn is released as is Ugly and probably is causing problems... it should only open your backpack when opening mail, merchant, bank. There are "undocumented" switches which need localisation but should be selfexplaining Enable one of the three to keep the OpenAllBags-Function for it.

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Re: nice

Originally posted by ace54858
so far work's fine for me thanks!
The addon replaces blizz-functions and this can lead to taint errors or other nasty things. So if you find problems you cant explain your first step should be to disable this addon.
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so far work's fine for me thanks!
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