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Updated: 05-01-11 09:50 PM
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Updated:05-01-11 09:50 PM
Created:05-01-11 09:50 PM

for game client 4.1

Version: 1.0.3
by: Farmbuyer [More]

Update TOC, change code to match Blizzard changes, clean up Lua a bit. Should be a little kinder to the CPU also, at the price of not immediately catching brand new nameplates (per game session) for a fraction of a second.

Previous official release file is also included, if the paranoid amongst you feels like getting your "diff -ub" on.

Make sure you are installing this in the correct folder. If you do not know where that is, read any of the zillion FAQs stickied on the Blizzard forums. I am not your personal helpdesk.

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