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Version: v40100.
by: Thrashfinger [More]

Created for WoW v4.1.0

Opens all bags when you access a bank, guild bank, mailbox, auction house, merchant or trade window.

OpenMyBags can open your bags too!

Original description for OpenBags from Sanchek (January 2005):
This is a simple addon to solve an annoyance of mine with how the bank and inventory bags work by default. Using OpenBags, when you open a vendor, mailbox, or auction all of your inventory bags open automatically. When you open the bank, all inventory bags are opened and all bank bags are too (who goes to the bank unless they want to see what's in the bank!?).

The first addon I discovered that opened all bags when specific events fired (i.e., "BANKFRAME_OPENED") was a little addon named OpenBags written by Sanchek in January 2005. OpenBags was the inspiration and original source for many of the OpenBags-type addons that exist today. Thank you Sanchek. Sadly, this addon fell through the cracks in the space-time continuum and has been lost to the void.

Skelgaard contributed to an alternative version of OpenBags, which used a similar method of opening all bags. The alternative version was swallowed by the sands of time, never to be seen again.

Koudelka contributed to Vendorbags which has a customizable set of options used to control when your inventory bags are automatically opened and closed. Unfortunately, Vendorbags was last updated in September 2009 and has not been updated by the author to work with Cataclysm.

Sven Kirmess uploaded OpenAllBags which is very similar to OpenBags, with the main difference being the elimination of the xml file. The current version of OpenAllBags (updated in October 2010) does not work with the WoW v4.1 patch.

Most of the OpenBags-type addons mentioned above function similarly with only minor differences in the code implementation.
I use a dynamic addon loading message when the player enters the world.
I register events which fire when specific windows open and close.
I use global constants for counting bags dynamically during the bag open and close process, similar to the method illustrated by Curse.com user "bognari3" who posted a working fix for OpenAllBags.
I use a dynamic frame creation method eliminating the need for an xml file, which is the same method Sven Kirmess used in OpenAllBags.

I wrote the code for this version using my own personal repository of code snippets and other resources that can be found online.

Information on the WoW API, various examples, and sample code can be found at WoWWiki.com.
Sources include:
- http://www.wowwiki.com/Events_%28API%29
- http://www.wowwiki.com/Handling_events
- http://www.wowwiki.com/API_Frame_RegisterEvent

There is no copyright nonsense here. If you want to update this addon and post a remake (or a "continued" version) after I am gone or even use portions of this addon to create your own addon, then simply mention in a ReadMe file the people who have contributed to this addon and other OpenBags-type addons before us.

Play the game. This addon does what it says, and says what it does.
Your mileage may vary, but probably won't.

Known Issues:

Bug Reports:
Post any bugs, issues or comments at the website where you downloaded this addon.

Version History:
v40100.1.2.0 (2011-May-14)
* Updated code to eliminate "addon loaded" messages that would appear at times other than when the character is first logged in.

v40100.1.1.0 (2011-May-12)
* Initial public release.

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