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Gothral's Minimalist (healing) UI

Version: 1.0
by: Gothral [More]


Ok so heres the deal, this is my first compilation of addons / upload. I was searching for some minimalist Guis, i found none that i found quite as minimalist as i would like for my healing frames and such i created this, cobbled together from some addons found in other packages and just forced into working well with the ui.

The addons raid frames are vuh do, while some may not like this and prefer others it is recommended. The profiles for all the vuhdo raid frame setups may have to be copied to do this use /vuhdo opt and go to the tools menu, the rest should be self explanatory.

This pack will have to be installed the old fashioned way through the interface and WTF folders, however some items i have found do not fit perfectly back in place even on the typical resolution it is set at.

This bring me on to the resolution, I will be working on other resolutions setups but currently it is optimized for 1920 x 1200 displays, it will however display correctly on most if not all of the widescreen resolutions available within WoW

List of addons

A complete reskin of the standard ui (through modded inerface folders)
AtlasLoot (all versions
Bartender 4
Button facade: (darion)
Deadlybossmods (cataclysm only)
Forte Exorcist and all plugins
GearScore (currently set to run in tooltip only mode)
Prat 3.0
tetris \o/

Known Problems

Occaisionally on exiting a dungeon the VuhDo panel will not swap back into solo mode correctly and cause the 5 man profile (or even raid profiles however i have yet to discover this happening)

FIX: drag the vuhdo panel by the nearby area of the health frame and line it back up with the left side of the action bar


The only other problem is the use of healing panels as unit frames, i find this to be of greater use to me than a standard player frame so i am able to put up with the downsides of not being able to carry out the standard right click on portrait actions. However there are two functions that i find very much a necessity such as setting a focus and leaving a group/raid.

FIX: To get around this problem i simply made a macro to do each

focus = /focus target
leave party = /script LeaveParty()

anything else from the standard frame i find is easily workable with slash comands

alternate fix: get a unit frames addon and just place them in the same place as the vuhdo frames for player and target (i would reccomend pitbull)


Again due to personal preference a lot of the addon options are worked through slash commands (list to be updated soon)

video of an earlier version of the ui in a 10 man raid

More pictures of the larger raid size options will follow as an when the actual raids crop up on the calender

Disclaimer: I claim no credit for the individual addons in the compilation

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Post Q/A and such

Basically, if you have any questions feel free to post them here in the comments so that people can read my replies so that if they were to experience a similar problem that i was not aware of they too can fix it.

On a side note, all feedback is welcome, positive, negative, and really anything constructive that could help me improve this gui setup.

thanks for reading
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