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Version: r1
by: Acca85 [More]

SAChiGratzNOT is a simple addon that waits for your guildies to complete an achievement and then checks if you already completed it, if so it will call them noobs.

When you complete an achievement the addon will say in /g how many achievement points you have.

If you haven't completed the achievement your guildie just completed the addon will just print in chat a link to that achievement so you can check your progress.

Why did I write this?
'couse I got bored of all that "congratz" spam..and pissing off people is quite fun.

How do I configure this?
You don't. No configuration needed.

I installed this but it is not working!
By default the addon is Disabled, you'll have to manually enable it in the character selection screen. This is so it stays disabled for alts and new chars.

If you have any suggestion/question just comment.

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