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Updated:11-08-12 06:49 PM
Created:06-20-11 07:49 PM
Categories:Graphical Compilations, Minimalistic Compilations

Duffed UI V6  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 7.0.0
by: liquidbase, Sinaris

Download =>

For Github-User =>
- Bugfixes
- Code adjustments
- Added missing spells on classtimer & spellcooldowns
- Bugfixes
- Added spellcooldowns
- Added new systemdatatext
- Codeadjustments
- Quick fix for spellcooldowns

- Added SpellCooldowns-Plugin
- some Bugfixes
- Fixed actionbars (crappy SetAlpha on originalfiles in Tukui),
- Added option for Outlines
- Codeadjustments for bufftracker, classtimer & functions
- Typos
- Added outlines for layout 3
- Fixed colortapping for unicolor (hope it)
- Fixed druidmanabar if disabled
- Fixed issue with procchighlight on multiple synchron proccs
- Added spells to bufftracker
- Added spells and some settings to classtimer
- Fixes for the raidlayouts
- Quick fix for castbar on actionbarlayout 2

- Readded the 2nd actionbarlayout
- fixed an error at startup
- added dalaran brilliance to bufftracker
- Fixed nameplate issue with health and name
- Codeoptimatzion, fixed totdebuffs
- fixed petbattleui position
- added option to enable / disable default tukui procc-highlight
- added scaling for raidframes 25+ (hope it works)
- quick fixes for totdebuffs and messed up raidframes (reverted back to old settings)
- fixed taiwan locale
- Readded the third UF-Layout
- Readded Colorgradient and adjustable color for Healthbar
- Working Classicons
- lowres on highres option
- some other stuff

- Fixed few errors for Patch 4.3.4

- Fixed weaponbuffs (poisonbuff for thrown weapons clears / update only on combatestate or stealth)

- Fix for realID on copychat

- Fixed votekickbug for LFR
- Some Tweaks on the unitframelayouts
- Missing configentry
- Fixed an error with alternativ actionbarmods

- Added option to set width of targetcastbar
- Added option to change normTexture
- Added a new layout for unitframes (STILL W.I.P)
- Missing locales
- Fixed error for /moveui and combat
- Fixed expandbutton for watchframe
- Removed slashcommand from inspectfix
- Readded casttimer to boss / arenaframes

- Removed settings for profanityfilter
- Fixed AFK / DND-Flag for guild & frienddatatext

- Fix for Deep Corruption
- Fix for Dragonwrathdebuff at Ragnarosencounter
- Skinned the Flightpointlist
- Option to enable / disable the Flightpointlist

- Added flightpointlist to taxiframe
- Added Pain Supression & Rallying Cry to Raidcooldowns
- Fixed vengeancebarplugin for all layouts
- Adjust option for threatbar / vengeancebar @ingame-Config => General
- Fixed petframes for heallayout
- Some adjustments to UF-Layout 3
- Function for Auratracker
No commitlink because to many different commits

- Classcolored borders reenabled
- Classcolored castbar reenabled
- Adjustments for versionnumber
- Added option to adjust chattabwidth
- Added InspectFix (Credits for that goes to oscarucb)
- Fixed selfbuffnotification
- Fixed itemleveldisplay on charscreen

- Added latest changes from Tukz
- Set Grid only as default for Heallayout
- Added locals for helpframe (enEN & deDE finsihed)
- Fixed chatframepositions if chatbackgrounds are disabled
- Fixed itemleveldisplay on charscreen (Accomplice in the memory leaks and lagspikes)
- Fixed display of percentvalue on beside unitframes
- Adjust size of raidfromes to fit with chatbackground
- Fixed hidepet-option for heallayout

- Adjustments for Raidcooldowns
- Fixed finally the Currencybug on specswitcher (thx to Veube@GitHub)
- Removed Swingtimer => Causes memoryleak and framelag
- Added Vampiric Blood to Auraannouncement (T13 4 piece bonus Blood DK)

- Added some missing oUF-Plugins
- Fixed some Bugs
- Some Adjustments
- Chatresize will now work porperly
- Reenabled option to set outline on textelements (not for Pixelfont)

- Fixed an bug in heallayout for hiding pets
- Fixed an an typp for bags

- Reenabled Macrotext for actionbuttons
- Added option to enable/disable combatanimation (stop QQ for this please)
- Added option to set size manually for chatbackgrounds (stop QQ for this please)
- Added HelpFrame for UI (/dhelp or use the H-Button on specswitcher)
- Update itemleveldisplay on characterscreen
- Adjustments for specswitcher
- Adjustments for threatbar
- Fixed an bug with the Druidmanabar on UF-Layout 1
- Adjustment for the playercastbar (was 1px to short)

- Fixed an typo
- Reenabled skinned Minimapbuttons
- Added an option to hide partypets @heallayout
- Adjustments for RaidCooldowns

- Some bugfixes and adjustments

- Fixed Haste-Datatext
- Reenabled mMenu for Datatext
- Fixed Actionbarswap for all layouts
- Classcolor for castbar temporarily removed

Release of DuffedUI v6
- Cleaner Code
- Latest Tukui-Version (14.24)
- RaidCooldowns-Plugin
- Raidbuff Plus-Plugin
- Complete rewrite of the entire Duffedcode
only the interesting things. Full changelog is to long (see GitHub ;))

- MissingLootFrame skinned (LFR)
- Little bug with chechkboxes for LFD / LFR fixed

- Added debuffs from SoD and MoD
- Fixed some other fucking stuff

- Fixed an bug with the SoS-Plugin on Layout 3

- Fixed avoidnance-datatext

- Minor fixes for extraactionbutton and dropdowns

- Fixed an error for the ExtraActionButton

- Auraanchor now works
- LFDReadyPopup now properly skinned

- Playerauras moveable
- Cooldowntext should now work
- Added the options for the new auraframe (*selfpalm*)
- Disable of Nameplatedbuffs should now work
- Specialbutton for Dragonsoul should now displayed by Ultraxion and MoD
- Fixed some skins

- Full update for Patch 4.3
- See GitHub-Link for all changes

- Fixed an error for Movers (hope it)
- Fixed an error with Layout 3 (Swingtimer)
- Apply Fader to Layout 3

- Fixed positions from unitframes (Copy&Paste is a bitch -.-)

- Many fixes
- Added mover and verticalsetting for RaidBuff Reminder
- Added larger blips for /farmmode
- Added Percenttag left and right of Player / Target
- Added option to hide actionbarpanels if it used an alternative actionbarmod
- Added buttons for Addonmanger, ReloadUI & ConfigUI to specswitcherpanel
- Added first localization for Tukui_ConfigUI for Duffedentrys (englisch & german)
- Removed unnecessary code
- Preparations for 4.3 (T.toc-variable)

- Enable / Disable for classtimer will now work
- Fixed dropdownmenu for chat
- Fixed fontsize for characterpane (hope so)

- Moved Duffed into Tukui\modules as built in
- Moved Tukui_Classtimer into Tukui\modules\misc as built in
- Removed folder Duffed
- Removed folder Tukui_Classtimer
- Some configentrys condensend (Raid & Dungeon now Misc Options)
- Adjustments for configentrys
- Fixed border for vertical shapehift
- Added option to disable classtimermodule
- Readded two scrollbars (Deletion was my fault)
- Many adjustments for layout 3

- Skadaskin finished (Hope so)
- Added Balerocdebuff for heroic difficulty

- Added latest commits from tukz
- Change position from MiniMapBattlefieldFrame
- Some corrections for layout 3

- Adjustment for powerbar (1px to long)
- Adjustments for classbar (druid, warlock, paladin)

- Added latest commits from tukz
- Adjustments for layout 3 (unitframes) & DBM-Skin

- Some bugfixes
- New unitframelayout [/tc => Unit Frames => Layout 3)]
- Update for Tukui_Interrupticons
- Removed xMerchant (Seperat download @wowinterface)
- Hastedatatext now shows in percent instead of rating

- Fixed an issue with lowres version
- New Skadaskin. Embed on right chat doesn't work
- Bugfixes
- Not enough changes for 5.77 ;)

- quick fix for an fresh installissue

- Latest commits from Tukz (random Taint for Glyphs fixed)
- Some Bugfixes
- Removed KLE Skin
- Added Addonmanager (Access via minimapmenu or /am)
- Minimapbuttons of other addons although skinned
- Added BigWigs Skin
- Some missing scrollbars added
- Missing Buffs added to classtimer
- Begin of code optimizations

- Bugfix for druidmana (UPDATE IS NECEASSARY)

- Added latest commits from Tukz (to much for an changelog)
- Simplefied the actionbarswap (only one option for both layouts)
- Added two missing scrollbars
- Some bugfixes

- Update for specswitcher (forget it in the 5.74-Release)

- Enabled barswap for actionbarlayout 2
- Added new DBM-Layout
- Some Bugfixes
- Added HydraChat (commands for config => /hcmove and /hydrachat)
- Added defskills for protpalas

- Added latest commits from Tukz
- Adjustments for second actionbarlayout
- Adjustments for buttons
- Added timer for PvP-Flag
- Castbars now free to move via ingame-Config (/tc => Cast Bars)
- New position for RaidBuff Reminder (topleft corner, position @chatbg brokes scaling)
- Added new spells to classtimer
- Many Bugfixes

- Fixed black nameplates after losing threat
- Fixed mouseover for some buttons
- Various fixes
- Rework of code for the second actionbarlayout
- New Bossportraits for worldmap
- Added a new Section to ingame-Config (Raid & Dungeon)

- Fixed an variable @nameplates
- Fixed lagspikes with nameplates (hope so)

- Quick fix for leveltext on nameplates

- Added Warriorshout to RaidBuff Reminder
- Adjustements and readded shadows @specswitcher
- Fix for nameülates to prevent the white rectangle if debuffs are displayed

- Fixed SpellID for Mana Spring Totem
- Adjustements for RaidBuff Reminder-Panel
- Added Liquid Obsidian to Blacklist for Nameplates (Lord Rhyolith Hardmode)
- Some minor bugfixes
- Add Slaughter (Warrior) to classtimer
- Add chinse locale

- Added many missing scrollbars
- Added RaidBuff Reminder
  • /tc => Aura Warning => Enable / Disable RaidBuff Reminder
    /tc => Aura Warning => Enable Mouseover for RaidBuff Reminder
- TrinketWatch for arena now works (huge thanks to Scôz for testing it)
- Some new SpellIDs for Firelandtrinkets (some Heroicprocs don't match)
- Added GetSpellLink() for aura announcment
- Added fontflag for Unitframes
  • /tc => Unit Frames => Set Outline for Unitframes (NONE, OUTLINE, THINOUTLINE)
- Removed Layout 3 & 4 because no longer needed
- Added resurrectionicon to DPS- / Heallayout
- Some bugfixes
too many commits for one GitHub-Link ^^

- Readded enable / disable-option for specswitcher

- Update for specswitcher
- Prepartion for automatic gearswap @specswitcher
- Fix for Archaelogyframe
- Added some skins for scrollbars and fixes
- Added Skinfunction for sliders
- Added resurrectionicon for DPS-/Heallayout

- Add missing Scrollbars (thx to Scôz)
- Fixed bug @CC-Announcer (hope so)

- Skin Scrollbars
- Add Option for powerbar to set @Center or @Left/right
- Add nameplatedebuffs [Defaultsetting is enabled (Enable / disable under /tc => Nameplates)]

- Added option to hide itemleveldisplay on tooltip / reenable shiftkey
- Fix for specswitcher
- Fix for DBM-Skin (Option now work)
- Added option so show or hide itemqualityborder for character & inspectframe
- Fix background on raidwindow, hope so (thx to Scôz)

Final adjustments for actionbarlayout 2 (after setting layout 2 please type /resetui)

- Fixed BG-Statspanel (At first fix I was too quick, incorrect code was retained. Now it works)
- Added latest commits from tukz
- Some adujustments for actionbarlayout 2 (new castbarposition for playersframe is missing

- Fixed BG-Statspanel

- Added DBM-Skin
- Added new Balerocdebuff for healerlayout
- Added new actionbar-layout (/tc => Action Bars => Set Actionbarlayout (1 or 2)
- Fixed frienddatatext for BN-Friends on same server (thx to Elv and Tukz)
- Fixed Merchantbuttonskin - also highlight for mouseover

- Classtimerbars would be work properly for all layouts

- Readded the second VehicleExit()-Button
- Add option for transparent bags
- Reworked Prevoius and Nextbuttons for merchantframe if you don't use xMerchant
- Quick fix for classtimerbars on layout 2 & 4

- Reenabled "THINOUTLINE" for Layout 1 & 2
- Added to new Layouts (3 & 4) without "THINOUTLINE"
- Some adjustments for specswitcher below minimap

- Fixed friends-datatext again (original file from TukUI)

- Some fixes and removed code which is useless since 4.2
- Added option for bags to make moveable or not (I hate movable bags ^^)
- Fixed fontcolor for crit & durability-datatext (thx to Scôz and gnoblin)
- Fixed hopefully the bug with friends.lua
- Added display for itemlevel on tooltip (thx to Gsuz for the script)

- .toc-bump to 13.24 v5.58
- Added latest bugfixes from tukz
- Added 3 new datatextscripts [dodge / parry / block] (thx to Fozix)
- Fixed GuildPerk-Button (thx to Scôz, you make me crazy :P)

- Fixed crti-datatext
- Redone of Specswitcher (New Position, some new features)
- Fixed Guildroster for Profession (thx to Scôz he was faster)
- Remove positions for specswitcher @grouplayouts
- Added Farm Mode => /farmmode (thx to Fozix)
- WorldStateFrame is set back to the middle of screen at top

- Switch UI-Scale to default values, remove personal setting (sorry for that)
- Reenable movable Bags
- Add option for textalign on right chat (/tc => Chat => Set align of right chat to left or right
- Fixed buttonposition at GuildMember-Frame
- bump .toc

- Fixed an BattleNet-Error (hope so)

- Add Firlandsdebuffs (thx to Elv)

- Add Call to Arms- and Profession-datatextscripts (thx to Fozix)

- Bump .toc to 13.20 (5.55)
- Set Build to 132001
- Changed /version
- Minor bugfix for BlizzardSCT
- Final Release for 4.2

- Fix for Mapster
- Auotinvite for BattleNet
- Fix tooltip for Healthbarupdate
- Added Current Heroictrinkets and Firelandtrinketproccs / T12 for ClassTimer
- Add Buildentry in Tukui.toc

- Add latest changes for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED
- Several changes at Tukui_ClassTimer
- Bugfix for Nameplates
- Fixed an huge Bug witch prevent Criterrors

- Minimap fixed
- Skin for Encounter Journal enabled

- Update for 4.2
- Intigrate Skins for Blizzardframe in seperate Files and an Option to disable it (/tc => Skins => Enable Skinning for Blizzardframes)
- Add Specswitcher (thx to Epicgrimm)
- Include xMerchant
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Unread 06-27-11, 01:16 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Not sure if you are already on the Tuk community, but it would be great if you could join and also keep us updated there with whats new, and with the pushed updates

~ Fozix

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Unread 06-26-11, 10:35 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Zyania's Avatar

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When I update to this, I know I will love you for it. :P
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Unread 06-26-11, 04:01 PM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
liquidbase's Avatar
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Originally posted by TheMini
es ist echt super, dass das addon weiter geführt wird..
find ich ne super sache von dir
Immer gerne
Da ich selbst von der UI hellauf begeistert bin und nichts anderes mehr nutzen will / möchte lag das nahe ^^
liquidbase is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 06-26-11, 03:58 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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es ist echt super, dass das addon weiter geführt wird..
find ich ne super sache von dir
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Unread 06-23-11, 05:13 AM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
liquidbase's Avatar
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The complete thing. Bugfixes / Updates, Support in english and german, suggestions from users for new features or changes of existing features of the UI and so on.
Last edited by liquidbase : 06-23-11 at 05:14 AM.
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Unread 06-23-11, 04:57 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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That sucks, but im glad your keeping it alive What are your plans with the UI? Adding new features too or only just small changes and bugfixes.
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Unread 06-22-11, 08:28 AM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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To my knowledge he update no longer the UI. I had until recently, contact with him via PM and almost 3 weeks now since nothing heard from him.
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Unread 06-22-11, 08:24 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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I apreciate your work but has Hank also stopped updating his UI ? I thought he only quit wow.
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