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Esrathon's paladin UI

Version: V2
by: esrathon [More]

This is my newest UI compilation, to get this to work, you want to extract the folder to a place you can find it (desktop) and change the names in the WTF folder. the account name must be in capitals, for some reason :S

When you are in-game, you enter this: /reflux switch Esrathon
that should get the UI up and running ^^
There is a screenshot of what addons i have included in this addon comp (:
If you have any questions about this UI, please send them to [email protected]
I will also accept feedback ^^
This UI is great for users with the logitech G13 gamepad, but all players can easily use this! It is also very easy to set up on other classes besides paladins (;
DPS-addon such as recount and skada is NOT included, there are many personal preferences, so you can download them yourself and put them in the KG-panel
DBM is not included either, but you can download what ever boss mod you want, and set it up as you want ^^

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