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Updated: 06-27-11 04:42 AM
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Updated:06-27-11 04:42 AM
Created:06-26-11 03:04 PM

rbbs Thorns

Version: v2
by: Aurorablade [More]

A layout for rbbs, actually 2, YOU NEED rbbs FOR THIS TO WORK

2 layouts based on ingame art textures and modified. One with a bar (Gilneas themed) and one with just the thorn orb holders in case you want to use diffrent artwork for a bar background

Please not on first load everything might be askew a bit (i had trouble with that) but everything can be moved and resized using /rbbs unlock/lock or the handy rbbs button gem.


V2:Alignment Fixes
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06-26-11 03:04 PM

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Unread 06-27-11, 02:20 AM  
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You can change position, width, height and scale of the frames in your config.lua until everything is aligned.

Here is the trick how to do it:
Let's assume a frame is some pixels off, so go to the config and change the position. Now save and do a "/reload" ingame. The frame will not move, why?
Because the data was already saved previously to the savedvariables. But if you go to the menu and do a "reset all" he default settings will be loaded and override the savedvariables. Do this until all frames are aligned correctly.
So by default all frames will look as they should and you can always "reset" to that values.
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Unread 06-27-11, 04:03 AM  
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It was before the reset all option I need to get on that later! Thanks though.
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