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Sweetyz UI

Version: 1
by: sweetyz [More]

..Hi there, thanks for looking at my UI..
this is my very first attempt at publishing a UI so please bear with me, any constructive feedback would be very welcome. I play a healer as a main but am currently working on leveling a tank...the UI can be used for both and I would imagine DPS too. If you are not playing a tank you can disable tauntmaster...I take no credit for indivdual addons this UI is just how I personally have set them up.

Installation instructions

Download UI
Extract UI
Backup your Interface and WTF folders and replace them with the interface/wtf you have just extracted.
Go into WTF
Click account
Change account name to your account name (not battle.net!)
change server name to your server
and character name to your character name..
Open WoW, log in and ensure "load out of date addons" is ticked
Everything should be in place and working, if not change the profile of each addon to "Sweetyz - shattered halls"

Please let me know if there are any problems and be nice, remember I'm new at this! ;>

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