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Updated: 07-07-11 02:38 PM
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Updated:07-07-11 02:38 PM
Created:07-07-11 02:38 PM


Version: 0.1
by: Arqent [More]


A small addon, modified with the power of VooDoo magic programming.
Forces game to load enGB GlobalStrings.lua and replaces some ru phrases.
Easily modifiable - no .lua knowledge required.
p.s. actually it was modified with no .lua knowledge

All, i repeat, all credits goes to ALZA's snt_rufix from ALZA UI.
I've just modified words a bit and added GlobalStrings.lua from enGB FrameXML.

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A Defias Bandit
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Possible FPS problems

If you experience huge FPS drop when engaging in combat - try to disable any damage meters you have.
Personally there was a problem with alDamageMeter.

p.s. i do not know how to fix or counter this, simply coz, as i said, i have no .lua knowledge.
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