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Version: v2.21
by: Xeonkryptos [More]

This Addon changes your equip, when you save two equipment sets with "/fp open" or "/fishingpole open". So, you go in an instance, arena, battleground or raid you will change your fishing pole and maybe your head to the equipment set if you wear the fishing hat or a fishing pole. Use "/fp" or "/fishingpole" as Slash-commands

You can post your expressions and experience with this addon for other users. I'm interested in your opinions to this addon and in your ideas to make this addon better for you. it's at this time a simple addon.

FishingPole v2.21

Fishing Pole v2.21 make it easier for you. When you save two equipment sets Fishing Pole v2.21 will use this equipment sets to change your weapon and your hat according to talent tree is active at the moment. If no an equipment set saved or the wrong set to the wrong spec you get a whisper to change your equip. Now, it is possible to change your equip back! If you want it you can save your equipment set fit to your specc! For exampel: This addon changes your equip in dungeon and you leave it and want to fish. So you can save the fishing equipment set in the addon and fish because it will after leaving the instance change your equipment to your fishing set.

For more information read the readme file.
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