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Damn Train

Version: v1.0.0
by: GhostfromTexas [More]

This is a script that you can use to disable those bloody train sounds once and for all. It's very simple to use and does not 'hack' any of the wow files. It simply creates the working paths for the sounds that get used instead of what wow uses.

Download the script and place it in your main wow folder. Extract the bat file from the zip and double click on it. It should work instantly. You will see a black command prompt window open up and disappear very quickly. This creates all the directories and place holder files that will disable the train noises.

Alternatively to downloading, you can create the script yourself. Follow these instructions to do so.

  1. Open up notepad
  2. Copy the script below in the code window
  3. Click on File -> Save As
  4. Navigate to your WoW Program folder
    C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft for 32 bit Windows
    C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft for Windows
  5. Change the Save as Type to "All Files"
  6. For the file name, type "damn_train_1.0.0.bat"
  7. Click Save and Exit notepad
  8. Navigate to the World of Warcraft folder (same place where you saved the file 4 steps ago)
  9. Double click the "damn_train_1.0.0.bat" file.

And that's it! Enjoy the fix!

Here is the Damn Train Code
REM ~ Train Wrecker Version 1.0.0 by GhostfromTexas ~
REM ~ Change to the data directory ~
cd Data

REM ~ Create Directory Structure for the sounds ~
mkdir Sound
mkdir Sound\Character
mkdir Sound\Character\BloodElf
mkdir Sound\Character\Draenei
mkdir Sound\Character\Dwarf
mkdir Sound\Character\Dwarf\DwarfFemale
mkdir Sound\Character\Dwarf\DwarfMale
mkdir Sound\Character\Gnome
mkdir Sound\Character\Human
mkdir Sound\Character\Human\Female
mkdir Sound\Character\Human\Male
mkdir Sound\Character\NightElf
mkdir Sound\Character\NightElf\NightElfFemale
mkdir Sound\Character\NightElf\NightElfMale
mkdir Sound\Character\Orc
mkdir Sound\Character\Orc\Female
mkdir Sound\Character\Orc\OrcMale
mkdir Sound\Character\PCGoblinFemale
mkdir Sound\Character\PCGoblinMale
mkdir Sound\Character\PCWorgenFemale
mkdir Sound\Character\PCWorgenMale
mkdir Sound\Character\Scourge
mkdir Sound\Character\Scourge\ScourgeFemale
mkdir Sound\Character\Scourge\ScourgeMale
mkdir Sound\Character\Tauren
mkdir Sound\Character\Tauren\Female
mkdir Sound\Character\Tauren\TaurenMale
mkdir Sound\Character\Troll
mkdir Sound\Doodad

REM ~ Create Placeholders Wav Files ~
@echo off>Sound\Character\BloodElf\BloodElfFemaleTrain01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\BloodElf\BloodElfMaleTrain01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Draenei\DraeneiFemaleTrain01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Draenei\DraeneiMaleTrain01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Dwarf\DwarfFemale\DwarfFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Dwarf\DwarfMale\DwarfMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Gnome\GnomeFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Gnome\GnomeMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Human\Female\HumanFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Human\Male\HumanMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\NightElf\NightElfFemale\NightElfFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\NightElf\NightElfMale\NightElfMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Orc\Female\OrcFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Orc\OrcMale\OrcMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\PCGoblinFemale\VO_PCGoblinFemale_Train01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\PCGoblinMale\VO_PCGoblinMale_Train01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\PCWorgenFemale\VO_PCWorgenFemale_Train01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\PCWorgenMale\VO_PCWorgenMale_Train01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Scourge\ScourgeFemale\UndeadFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Scourge\ScourgeMale\UndeadMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Tauren\Female\TaurenFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Tauren\TaurenMale\TaurenMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Troll\TrollFemaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Character\Troll\TrollMaleChooChoo01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_01.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_Dalaran_28.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_Dalaran_126.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_Dalaran_192.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_Dalaran_202.wav
@echo off>Sound\Doodad\ToyTrain_Dalaran_297.wav

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