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raid/pvp pack

Version: 4.3
by: uldrok [More]

shaman restro pack


Step One: Rename your Fonts, WTF and Interface folders to Font.saved, WTF.saved and Interface.saved, so that if you want to undo the installation nothing is gone of your old interface.

* Step Two: Unzip the addon pack to either your desktop(or where ever you want to unzip the files.)

* Step Three: Put the interface, and WTF folder in your World of Warcraft directory.

* Step Four: Inside the WTF folder you will see an 'Account' folder. Enter that folder and inside there you will see a folder that says 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME'. Rename this folder to your log in/account name. Make sure you put your account name in all caps!

* Step Five: Inside the 'YOUR ACCOUNT NAME' folder you will see a 'Your Server' folder. Rename this folder with your servers name.

* Step Six: Inside the 'Your Server' folder there is a 'Your Character Name' folder. Rename this folder with the character you wish to use this UI with.

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