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Fay UI

Version: v1.2
by: Fay_89 [More]

Fay UI v1.2

Hey guys and gals, I decided to share my UI that I worked so hard on I hope someone will find it to their liking or at least get a few good ideas or find addons they've been searching for!

This interface is designed for resolution 1980x1080. It will probably work just fine for the other wide resolutions with a bit of work.


1. Backup your WTF and Interface folders in the WoW directory.
2. After backing them up, delete the originals from the WoW directory.
3. Copy Interface and WTF folder into the WoW directory.
4. Go over to WTF folder.
5. Account -> insert your account name as the folder name which now reads "ACCOUNTNAME".
6. Open the folder you renamed.
7. Insert your realm name as the folder name which now reads "SERVER".
8. Open the folder you renamed.
9. Insert your character name as the folder name which now reads "CHARACTERNAME".

10. Open WoW.
11. Log in to the character you specified in the folder names.
12. type

/reflux switch Fay UI

in the chat

13. You might have to configure tidyplates yourself. /tidyplates and try picking the damage selection and right top -> "Paste". If this doesn't give you the settings I had, configure it yourself, its not hard

The addons
ArkInventory: One-in-all bag addon. Sorting and easily configurable.

AtlasLoot: Loot viewing addon, also includes loads of other items (ex. gems).

AuctionLite: Light-weight auction addon, to make creating auctions easier!

BadBoy: Spam block and auto-report tool.

Bartender4: Action bar addon.

ButtonFacade: Button graphs.

Chatter: Chat addon.

Classtimer: Class specific timers.

DailyGrind: Doing dailies is a lot easier, auto turn-in and accept.

DBM: Deadly Boss Mods. Boss timers.

Dragemall: Drag frames.

EasyMail: Mail enhancement.

Grid & stuff: Basic grid layout and small things to modify grid.

Healers-Have-To-Die: Automatically marks enemy healers on top of nameplates.

InterruptBar: Tracking enemy interrupt and some other abilities CD.

kgPanels: Background panels.

LoseControl: Timers for CC on you or your target. Also roots etc.

MagicRunes: DK rune layout.

Masque: Another button graph addon.

MSBT: MikScrollingCombat text. Includes combat texts, suprisingly.

nibWindowSize: Modify windows size, no matter what UI scale.

Omen: Threat meter.

OmniCC: CD numbers on bars.

Pitbull4: Unit frame addon.

Poisoner: Rogue poison addon.

Quartz: Cast bar addon.

RangeDisplay: Suprisingly, range display!

Reflux: Addon control. Lets you emulate profiles.

ReforgedTooltip: Reforge info in tooltip.

RSA: Raeli's Spell Announcer. Announces ex. interrupts you made.

SatrinaBuffFrame: Buff frames.

SharedMedia: Fonts.

Skada: Damage Meter.

SunnArt: Panel addon with scaling options (basically you dont lose any view).

TidyPlates: Nameplate addon.

TipTop: Tooltip addon.

xDamageFont: Change damage font.

Xloot: Loot frame addon.

TrashAway: Automatically sells grey items to vendor when visiting one.

Mapster: A map addon, a good one!

Gatherer: Marks gathered veins, herbs etc. on map and remember them!

Gatherer wowhead DB: Forementioned marks on map in one package! Thank you Zarnyeq2 for the unofficial update!

None of the addons have been made by me, I've just taken the great work of those addon creators and put them together for an awesome combination! All credit of the addons go to their authors, thank you!

Any feedback you can give me, doesn't matter what it is, I appreciate it all. So hit me with comments!

- Added map addon Mapster
- Added Gatherer
- Added Gatherer database addon (unofficial version)
- Fine tuned Classtimer

Added addon CrapAway. Fine tuned some addons settings.

Interface published.
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