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Faceroller Demon 'Lock

Version: 0.21
by: help137 [More]

FaceRoller Demon 'Lock

This is a Demonology Warlock module for Faceroller. You will need Faceroller 0.2.9 and the Faceroller 1.2.1 patch to use this.

This is a beta module. It works for me, your milage may vary. It is a complete re-write of an old module by Mieeka.

The following rotation is used. Taken from Elitest Jerks with additions based on various forums.

  • Shadowbolt (Only if Shadow Trance is active to give you a freebie)
  • Lifetap (if you are below 10,000 mana)
  • Curse of Elements (If it or an equiv from another class is not already there)
  • Curse of Weakness (If someone else's CoE or equiv is already on the mob OR you manually put CoW on already for certain fights)
  • Metamorphosis (If avail and option is on)
  • Demon Soul (if avail and you have a Felguard out)
  • Immolate (if not up or about to expire)
  • Hand of Gul'dan (if not up or about to expire)
  • Demon Soul (if avail and you have a Felhunter out)
  • Bane of Doom (If not up or about to expire and BoA is not up) (Longer fights)
  • Bane of Agony (If not up or about to expire and your BoD is not up) (Short fights)
  • Corruption (if not up or about to expire)
  • Incinerate - on Molten Core proc
  • Soul Fire - on Decimation proc
  • Shadow Bolt - "filler" Spam it until something else comes up.

Note: Melee abilities (Shadowflame/Immolation Aura) will not be suggested. I have yet to find a way to tell if you are in melee combat (as oposed to ranged) and the question of if it's SAFE to use these abilities is really one you have to make.

Slash commands

  • /faceroller opt meta - toggles Meta usage on/off

To Do
  • Get the Meta option to show in the Faceroller in-game config
  • Add option to not suggest Demon Soul for those who want to save it for Heroism/Bloodlust/Etc.
  • Tune the rotation as needed.

12/01/2011 - v0.21 - Updated TOC and Version number. No Code changes.
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