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Patīs UI only 1920x1080

Version: 1.1
by: kacaos [More]


This is my first ui which is designed for an resolution 1920x1080. This UI will take 10 ~ 15mb in raids.
If you use some other resolutions some elements may overlapp.


Be sure to backup your old "Interface" and "WTF" folders somewhere safe.
Copy over the new Interface and WTF folder into your wow directory.

After you have moved them you need to edit the WTF folder:

1. Rename "ACCOUNT" to your account name
2. Rename "Server" to your server name
3. Raname "Charname" to your character's name

Ingame you can choose in every addon my profile "J****-F******" and you will have all settings like i have

To change some addons like oUF or Wanderlust (Minimap) you need to edit some things in the config.lua.


  • acp - AddonControlPanel
  • Aurora - Skin Blizzardframes
  • Bartender4 - Actionbars
  • ButtonFacade / Stylo - Skin Buttons
  • BigWigs - Bossmod
  • Chatter - Chataddon
  • CooldownCount - show cds on actionbars
  • elAuto - Autorepair, Autoinv accept etc.
  • Errorfilter - change / delete red messages in the middle of the screen
  • kgPanels - for the panels behind the chats
  • Omen - Threatmeter
  • Onebank3 / Onebag3 - Bag and Bank addon
  • oUF / oUF_Quligt - Unitframes
  • oUF_Freebgrid /Freebgridconfig - Raidframes
  • oUF_Moveableframes - to move unitframes
  • PowerAuras
  • SatrinaBuffframes - To show you buffs
  • Quartz - Castbar addon
  • Simplemarker - Markbar
  • SimplePowerBar - AltPowerbar likes Rhyolith Feetwatch
  • SLDataText - Stats like fps memory etc.
  • Tidyplates - Nameplate addon
  • TinyDPS - Lightweight dmg meter
  • TipTop - Tooltip
  • Wanderlust - Minimap addon

Slash Commands

/bt - Bartender configuration
/sbf - SatrinaBuffFrames configuration
/omen - OmenThreatMeter configuration
/omf - To move your Unitframes
/freeb x - Raidframes options
/tiptop - Tooltip configuration
/sldt - Datatext configuration
/quartz - Castbar configuration
/kgpanels config - kgPanels configuration
/spb - Simplepowerbar configuration
/simplemarker - Markbar configuration
/bw - BigWigs

You also can find options of some addons ingame ESC - Interface - Addons


-Changed Unitframes
-Powerbar now shown only as a text not as a bar
-Charportrait now has an higher alpha
-Return to graveyard button now is left to the minimap
-BossMod (BigWigs) now integrated
-Datatext now has an Font Outline
-Changed Buffspacing
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