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Version: 1
by: Nositer [More]

This addon is designed to help target a unit in RBGs (valid
ones are WSG, AB, Gilneas, TP)
It borrows a lot of codebase from BattlegroundTargets and as of this
point, you *MUST* disable BattlegroundTargets to use this addon.
At the beginning of each BG or RBG, you first must select a Skull Seeker.
His role is to find an enemy (like a healer).
You assign a skull seeker (preferably MDPS) by targetting him and then
pressing CTRL-F5.
Now everytime the Skull Seeker attacks an enemy player (*not* a pet or
totem or mirror image), that enemy player will have a Skull Icon above
his head (much like Healers Have To Die and Get That Dude).
When other DPS see a skull on their screen, the can target the Skull
(aka as assisting the Skull Seeker) by pushing F5
At times the Skull Seeker may not be close to you (i.e. dead or at
a different base). Thus we have another role: Cross Seeker
To assign a Cross Seeker, target your raid member and push CTRL-F6
To target the cross (aka assisting your Cross Seeker) - its F6
If Skull or Cross is not around - go for the Star
To assign the Star Seeker role, target that friendly player
and press CTRL-F7. To target the Star (aka assist the Star Seeker) - F7
Thus the kill order is: Skull, Cross and Star
It is possible (and quite often) that the Skull, Cross and Star are
the same enemy player. The Skull, Cross, Star (and healers have to die)
icons will overlay each other =)
Finally this addon helps with playing sounds.
When you select an enemy, it will play the name of the class/spec
Another sound effect is when you drop a flag

For help on this addon in game:
/script showFizzcrankpvpHelp()

Question, or comments or bugs - send to Nositer
email: hchan at apache.org

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A Murloc Raider

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Does the skull seeker have to also have this addon for it to work?
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