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Updated: 10-07-11 03:34 AM
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Updated:10-07-11 03:34 AM
Created:10-07-11 03:34 AM

Dee's Power Auras for Mage

Version: 1
by: deemaxm [More]


When you extracted the file, go to your WTF folder-> your account folder and put the content of folder named "Content goes SavedVariables of your acount" into folder named "SavedVariables"
Then go again to WTF folder->your Account-> your Server-> Yourcharacter folder and put the files of folder named: "Content goes into saved variables of you Character" into folder named : "SavedVariables"

And Ofc put the PowerAuras folder into your Interface/Addons folder

You need to do this because addon has a configuration/auras available equaly for every character you have ( account saved variables) and some character specific ( char saved variables).

Any constructive critics welcome. Druid setup will be published soon also (tank/heal/kitty)

Special thanks to Power Auras addon developer!!

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