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Ragnaros Trap Helper

Version: 1.1
by: Romious [More]

Since Ragnaros is no longer current content, I'm not planning to release anymore updates for this addon. In MoP, this addon will likely break due to the number of changes coming to the API.

Ragnaros Trap Helper
v. 1.1

What is Ragnaros Trap Helper?

Ragnaros Trap Helper focuses on helping anyone given the task of breaking Magma Traps during the Heroic Ragnaros decide when it is safe to break a trap and when it is not. Rather than having to watch timers or bars, Ragnaros Trap Helper simply displays one of three icons. A check mark indicates it is safe to break a trap. A question mark means a Wrath of Ragnaros or a Hand of Ragnaros is soon and though you could break a trap, it's best to wait a few seconds. An 'X' means a player in the raid has the debuff or someone's health is too low. The reason for the icon will be displayed just above it.

In addition to the main icon, the player can optionally have two smaller icons below it, indicating Wrath of Ragnaros and Hand of Ragnaros cooldowns. The reason for each of these icons will be displayed below them. This way, players can still know if Wrath or Hand is soon, even if raid members have the debuff or a raid member's health is too low.

Ragnaros Trap Helper is also very customizable. The first time you load Ragnaros Trap Helper, a green check mark will appear in the center of your screen. This allows you to move the UI of the addon anywhere you wish. To lock the frame in place, check the 'Lock' checkbox in the addon's options. The options can be accessed under the 'Addons' tab in your Interface options or with the slash command /rth. These options allow you to set how close to a Wrath or Hand you consider safe for trap breaking. You can also set a certain amount of time after a Wrath or Hand before you consider it safe to break a trap. A players' minimum health to survive a trap can also be set.

Current Features

  • Lockable, movable, scalable, easy to understand UI.
  • The UI shows when Heroic Ragnaros is pulled and hides when all traps have been detonated or the player dies.
  • Optional Wrath of Ragnaros and Hand of Ragnaros icons below the main icon.
  • Only loads when the player is in Heroic Firelands.
  • Self-updating timers during the fight as Ragnaros uses his various abilities.
  • Customizable settings for minimum players' health and times before and after Wrath and Hand.
  • Wrath & Hand icons are hidden and disabled when Ragnaros transitions out of phase 1.

Known Issues
  • None

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Unread 11-04-11, 04:47 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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In order to use this addon with the german client, you should follow these steps:

1) Open RagnarosTrapHelper.lua with a text-editor of your choice.
2) Search and Replace "Firelands" with "Feuerlande"
3) Search for "Mortal Insects"
4) Replace the Text beginning with "Mortal Insects....." with the following Text
"Sterbliche Insekten! Ihr wagt es, in MEIN Reich einzudringen? Eure Arroganz wird in den lodernden Flammen vergehen."

I guess it should work after these changes. Will test this on Monday evening CET.
Never let me down again
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