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Updated for 4.3 - ObaiUI (1920x1080)

Version: 1.0
by: Falita123 [More]

Thank you for choosing ObaiUI. At this time, ObaiUI only works for the resolution 1920x1080. I may upload different resolutions in the future depending on how demanding it is and how popular ObaiUI gets.

ObaiUI was designed for All Classes and Specs, but tanks may prefer to change the TidyPlates settings around to show nameplate threat better. Also, please be sure to read the "README" file contained within the UI Package, it will help you easily install ObaiUI very easily compared if you didn't!

List of Addons, Commands, and what they are

Pitbull - /Pit - Unit Frames
Dominos - /Dominos - Action Bars
MikScrollingBattleText - /MSBT - Scrolling Combat Text
Masque - /Masque - Make Dominos look better
TidyPlates - /TidyPlates - Name Plates
PhanxBuffs - /pbuff - Buff and Debuff Bars
Quartz 3 - /Quartz - Casting Bars
Digits - /Digits - Health and Mana Pools show up in the middle of your screen or where ever you decide to put them
Fonter - /Fonter - Custom Font
NeedToKnow - /NeedToKnow - Cooldown and ICD tracker

Again, Thank you for choosing ObaiUI, if you have any questions, please feel free to message me in game (Obai on Sargeras), PM me on YouTube (YouTube.com/Falita123) or message me on my stream (Twitch.tv/Falita123)!

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