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Icescream UI

Version: 1.0
by: Icescream [More]

Icescream UI

This ui was generaly made for pVp and my Mage.
But you can use it for pVe and other classes for sure.

Its nothing special but some people ask me to upload my ui so here it is...

My in-game resolution is 1680x1050, so if running a different resolution you'll need to move almost every components to fit your screen.

This compilation include:

I am NOT the author of any of these addons. This is simply just a compilation of the addons i use. All credit goes to the original authors of the addons mentioned above! thank you!

Backup/delete your WTF & Interface folder and replace them with my download package.

Rename the contained folders as usual:

Log in and load all addon profiles via /reflux switch Icescream

If you have any questions or suggestions leave a feedback.

Thanks and have fun

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