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Version: 1.00
by: Vladinator [More]

Don't you miss the old RaidUI, the one that allowed you to create own group frames on screen or drag a whole stack of players of a specific class or role? Maybe you liked the quick summary of how many Paladins there are in the raid? You shall be tormented no more!

This addon is in Beta state!
But why you ask? The reason is because Blizzard simply disabled these features without totally removing them, I just hope that my code that restore the functionality does not also break it in combat situations, since it may check the taint and decide not to work at all, for example if in combat and party member leaves, haven't yet seen if the unit updates properly in combat or not. This is why I flag it beta and expect error reports if any, so I can try to fix these things. :P

Known issues
- You can not add/remove popups during combat, you need to exit combat in order to do this. (Note that moving them around and such still works so that shouldn't be a problem.)
- The unit target, and target of target do not actually target these units, the action is blocked.

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Unread 03-12-12, 03:25 PM  
A Cyclonian
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No, to be honest, old UI had much better sorting capabilities (and less glitchiness) than the new ui.
The improvements were needed yes, but they ended up making their own raidframes vulnerable to their restrictions as well as severely limiting their sorting options.
In the end I find (healer wise) addon truly offer best cross between the two.

But as a DPS, I still pull out old raidframes via a script when my pc start seizing up. I'll give this a try on those toons.
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Unread 12-19-11, 05:39 AM  
A Molten Giant
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You don't miss easy access to targeting main tank or assistant targets? Maybe showing one specific group if healing assignments are set per group, or per class? I think those were neat features, like a bonus. Most use other addons or the default new raid frames now, but the drag out frames are really handy for temporary situations! Not sure why they were totally removed, would like a legacy option.

Shame I am like the only one that see it this way. :'(
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Unread 12-19-11, 02:35 AM  
A Black Drake
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Don't you miss the old RaidUI
Hell no I didn not!
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