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Get Me Outta Queue! (Obsolete)

Version: 1.0
by: Nephaliana [More]

After testing on August 26, 2012, I have determined the issue this addon corrects no longer happens on the live realms (and chances are, haven't been happening for several months). That means this addon is now obsolete, and will not receive any updates unless the bug shows up again.


Several players have noted on the official Bug Report forums that the Raid Finder auto-accepts the invite if you are away when the invite pops. This usually means you end up dead when you return to your computer.

This addon will watch for your invite, and auto-decline after 38 seconds, preventing you from joining the group.

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No longer necessary

I hadn't checked to see if Blizzard fixed the issue until now, but it appears it was resolved at some point. As such, this addon is no longer required to not join the queue when AFK. Leaving it installed will not hurt anything (though I have not tested it in 5.0/MoP), but I will be marking this as "obsolete" and will not be updating it (unless the bug re-emerges later).
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