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Esha's Bag of Unbroken Data

Version: 4.3.003
by: VagrantEsha [More]

Esha's Bag of Unbroken Data

What is it?

Quoth the sage: When your brokers are broke-a.

A while back I wrote a bunch of DataBroker plugins, and then I left WoW. Upon my return they'd lost either some or all of their functionality. So I set out to not only restore them, but to rebuild them. I'm also developing new plugins, and rather than keep loads of pages updated (what a headache!), I'll just update this compilation. It's just easier to work on them all at once.

And that's what this pack is. But what of its contents?

I've included basic descriptions below, but the screenshots on the right-hand side there may do more to explain what these are and do than words alone could. If you want to see where some of these came from, so you can see what they were originally like, just hit the 'more' button next to my name (above) and see for yourself. No point getting those, though. They remain outdated and broken, but all of 'em are in this pack!

So here we go, in no particular order...

Broker - Opticon:

I like to hide all my minimap buttons, but I also like having a way to access the Blizzard options and AddOns options panels. This is a launcher plugin that does that and a couple of other things.

Left-Click: Opens the AddOns Options panel.
Right-Click: Opens the Blizzard Options panel.
Alt + Click: Reloads the User Interface.
Shift + Click: Restarts the graphical renderer.

Broker - Mad Hatter:

With Mad Hatter, I wanted a nice, simple way of handling which helms and cloaks. Some I want shown, for RP purposes, like hats and whatnot. And some, like certain ugly helmets, I want hidden.

This allows me--and you, if you get it--to do so on a per helm and per cloak basis. I suggest setting the plugin up so that it only shows the icon, like a launcher. That way, you have a small icon you can click to do everything.

The way this works, essentially, is that all helmets and cloaks are hidden by default, but you can add specific helmets and cloaks to a 'shown' list.

Left-Click: Add a helmet to or remove a helmet from the shown list.
Right-Click: Add a cloak to or remove a cloak from the shown list.

Broker - TrackStar:

This is the completely new addition.

Basically, I couldn't get over how there was no DB option which simply aped the Minimap tracking button. That's all I wanted, a simple desire. I prefer having things like that as DB launcher-style buttons, rather than those ugly minimap button affairs.

That's all that this does. If you hover over it it shows a tooltip of what you're currently tracking, and if you click it it brings up the tracking dropdown menu. I suggest making this one show only the icon, like with Mad Hatter, for the best effect.

Broker - Junkie:

This one's the most complicated beast of the pack, probably.

Essentially it's a loot management system that can do all you need. In the plugin frame and in the tooltip it'll show you what the most worthless item in your bag is, you can discard it or check out other things in your bags. It parses through your bags in a 'page' style system, and it's designed not to overwhelm you with loads of information.

On visiting a vendor, it becomes a button for selling all your trash, and it can also auto-sell your trash. For both destroying and selling you can setup exceptions which will never be destroyed or auto-sold (even if you try to).

Left-Click: Sell trash to a merchant (if at a merchant).

Left-Click: Shows next item (if there are more).
Right-Click: Shows previous item.
Alt + Left-Click: Destroys item shown.
Alt + Right-Click: Go back to first item.
Shift + Left-Click: Add item to or remove item from your protected items list.
Shift + Right-Click: Show or hide protected items.
Control + Left-Click: Set quality threshold (all the way up to heirloom).
Control + Right-Click: Toggle auto-selling trash to merchants.

Broker - Bagsy:

Bagsy is probably the most advanced DB bag plugin out there, and the most customisable as well. One thing I heard a lot with the original was that it was liked because it showed people exactly what they wanted to see - nothing less, and nothing more. This was precisely the design ethos.

Empty/Free slots, counting your crafting/profession bags if you like, or having separate counts for your crafting/profession bags. All that neat stuff. It provides an individual rundown of all of your bags in the tooltip, and, as I said, you can make it behave however you want.

Left-Click: Open/Close backpack.
Right-Click: Open/Close all bags.
Alt + Left-Click: Toggle showing free or used slots.
Alt + Right-Click: Toggles adding 'danger' colouring to slots (green to red).
Shift + Left-Click: Includes/discludes class bags from total count.
Shift + Right-Click: Shows/Stops showing class bags as their own separate count instance.
Shift + Left-Click: Includes/discludes profession bags from total count.
Shift + Right-Click: Shows/Stops showing profession bags as their own separate count instance.

Broker - Attrition:

Attrition is a way of tracking the state of the damage to your equipment.

The data broker plugin can show an average per centage of your euqipment's damage, or the damage per centage of the most damaged piece of equipment. It can also show the repair cost on the broker plugin (optionally). Attrition can also auto-repair for you, if you so desire, and it can choose whether auto-repair funds are pulled from your pocket or your guild bank.

The Attrition tooltip has a run down of equipment and its status and costs, individually, just so you can know where you are in regards to equipment and the danger of a certain piece becoming drastically damaged (which you wouldn't want).

Click: Toggles between showing the most damaged item's per centage or an average damage per centage of all items.
Alt + Click: Toggles auto-repair.
Shift + Click: Toggles whether the repair money comes from you or your guild bank.
Control + Click: Toggles showing the repair price on the broker plugin.

Broker - The Traveller's Reference:

This plugin is basically a location bar. I like hiding mine on the minimap so that I can have one that I can move around. But it does so much more than that. For starters, it can show the subzone or zone and subzone at your choosing and optionally the level range you're in. But the special part is the tooltip.

The tooltip breaks things down by area and level range. It tells you the zones that border the one you're in (and their level ranges), and it tells you which zones fit your level range, and which instances you can run that fit your level range. This is all handy information if you're relatively to the game and want to explore. Even after the time I've spent in WoW, I still find it helpful.

Click: Opens/Closes the World Map.
Alt + Click: Toggles showing subzone or zone and subzone on the plugin.
Shift + Click: Toggles whether level ranges are shown on the plugin.

Broker - TickTock:

A ridiculously simple time plugin. The fun thing here is that Blizzard has their own clock, and functions. I see so many time plugins using AceTimer and calculating the time precisely. Now, I love AceTimer, it's awesome, I use it in one of my plugins, but why recreate what the Blizzard clock is already doing perfectly well?

Basically, I just went into Blizzard's code and looked at what they were doing for their clock, and used that for a DB clock. All the options that apply to Blizzard's clock apply to this one. (Such as local time or server time, and 12 or 24 hours.)

Click the plugin and it'll even pop up the Time Manager, too!

What is Data Broker?

DataBroker is part of a system that's similar to FuBar and its plugins, what you have here is a plugin but you'll also need something to display the output of the plugin. You have many options for this, and I've listed a number of them below for your perusal, just pick the one that interests you the most.

- Fortress: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10401-Fortress.html
- ButtonBin: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10474-ButtonBin.html
- StatBlockCore: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9221-StatBlockCore.html
- MakeRocketGoNow: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9771-MakeRocketGoNow.html
- Carousel: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info10295-Carousel.html
- Titan: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8092-TitanPanel.html

If you want further information, that nice feller tekkub has put together some information on his wiki. And it's good information too, information that you should probably read if you're just getting into DataBroker plugins. (Not to mention that poor old tek puts these pages together and not many people seem to read them, so I thought I'd do my part to help remedy that situation. )



- Forgot to add type = "data source" in The Traveller's Reference. Sorry! Fixed now.
- Changed all instances of PLAYER_LOGIN to ADDON_LOADED (with addon specific check).
- And there's a new addition: Broker - TickTock! Check the main page for more info.


- Oops! I got a var the wrong way around in Bagsy. Nothing major, just a slight visual glitch. I knew I'd miss something. Not worth a new version number for, though.


- Changed a few of the tooltips to bring them in line with Junkie's.
- Fixed not being able to destroy items with Junkie.
- Removed the unnecessary alt-clicking from Mad Hatter.
- Did a little code cleaning that I'd wanted to do.


Keep in mind that this pack is essentially an update of all of my old Broker plugins, so this is from the perspective of having fixed those up from where they were.

In General:

- I updated embedded libraries where I thought it was necessary.
- I updated the toc files to 4.3.
- Fixed ... lots of little things, so many things, so many stress headaches.
- Some broker plugins now hide their tooltip until clicked (clicking & dragging doesn't count), this is because some broker display plugins tend to drop stuff in the middle of the screen with a centred tooltip, which makes the damn things impossible to move. Clicking on the thing once you have it in place will show your tooltips forevermore.
- Removed libraries where Blizzard functions had overtaken their purpose.
- Converted many tables to strings because I HATE lua tables for reaons that I won't get into. I have a pathos regarding lua tables.
- Oh, and someone's going to 'finally' at this. I stopped using mixes of tabs and spaces when coding. So the code should display as neatly for everyone now as I see it. Which makes me happy.
- I've added 'Broker' to the addon names, folders, files, and databaes to match the current naming standards.


- Removed Niagara support (it's ancient, and everyone uses Blizz addon options these days).
- Fixed how, for the first click, it would always go to the first tab of the options pane rather than the correct one.

Mad Hatter:

- Completely rewritten!
- It used to only store whether you wanted your helms/cloaks shown or hidden globally. Now it does it on a per helm and cloak basis. It will also keep you appraised of your choioces.


- New addition.


- Completely rewritten!
- What was once Haggler and Junkie have been merged.
- The tooltip contextually changes at a merchant (for selling).
- Clicking the plugin when at a merchant sells your trash.
- You can setup protected items which will never be destroyed (even if you accidentally click them).
- You can set protected items to be hidden, so you don't see them when browsing for something to destroy.
- All changes are stored in a permanent database.
- You can 'page' through the junk in your inventory by left and right clickingn the plugin (respectively).
- You can change the quality threshold.
- And more I'm likely forgetting.


- This addon was originally written by me, then maintained for a while by xtoq (whom is awesome). I haven't done much to it since then...
- I've changed things under the hood however to make it work happily with 4.3, and it does from my testing.


- You can now show the repair cost total on the DB plugin.

The Traveller's Reference:

- It's now working again, something in a prior patch broke it.
- Libraries are updated so it will now fully track all zones properly.
- Lots of stuff under the hood, but still pretty much the same addon that you used before, if you did.
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