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Version: 4.3.001
by: VagrantEsha [More]


What is it?

Do you use RatingBuster or Ratings? Have you ever felt irked or exasperated by superfluous comparison tooltips which just take up space on your screen without giving you any extra helpful information? Does this sound like you? I can help.

What does it do?

When hovering over a quest reward item, the item comparison tooltip will be disabled by default. Hooray! This means that those useless tooltips that you never actually use isn't taking up screen space any more. (And if you're short sighted like I am, those tooltips can be big, and they can even wig out a bit and overlap. Not fun.)

If, for some reason, you find that occasionally you still need to see item comparison tooltips, then you can do that! Just hold down your shift key when hovering over a quest reward and it'll pop up the comparison tip like nothing ever happened.

It's pretty necessary that you use this with one of the following mods, as they put the information from a comparison tooltip in the main tooltip, which is what makes the comparison redundant in the first place (but I think that this is a better approach):


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