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Linked Lists

Version: r1
by: Xubera [More]

Linked Lists

Linked Lists is an addon that provides you with a list of all the items and spells in the game. Simply open the interface by typing "/linkedlists" or "/LL" and browse through the vast amounts of items and spells that one wouldn't normally find. Want to add an enchant? Simply click the extras button on the Items page and browse the list of enchants. Do crazy things like enchanting your Hearthstone with Mongoose! You can shift click an item in the interface to automatically add it to your chat frame.

To get started, open the Linked Lists interface (by typing "/linkedlists" or "/ll"). You will notice that the spell list will be immediately available to you. You may also notice a light blue loading circle to the left of the frame. When this is active, it is grabbing the items it can from the server. The amount of items found by this service may be missing a few items, but don't fret, as soon as it cycles through all the items, all you have to do is reopen the frame and it will start fresh and look for all the items it missed. The loading circle is also a button, because scanning may cause lag depending on your connection speed and the amount of time the scan runs, all you have to do is left click it and you can search for more at a later date. If you stopped the search and you are now ready to continue, simply reopen the frame again and the search will automatically begin.

/LinkedLists - Shows the frame
/LL - Shows the frame
/LinkedLists rescan - Rescans for the enchant list.
/LinkedLists autoscan - Disables/Enables the automatic start up of the scanning for the item list.

When opening up the enchants page, the system uses tooltips to search for enchants. If you use any addon that appends to the tooltip, it may cause drastic decrease in performance momentarily. The Enchant scan is meant to be completed within 10-20 seconds. Tthe enchant list does save between sessions to alleviate this issue. If you feel that you need to rescan the enchant list again, simply type "/linkedlists rescan" or "/ll rescan"

You cannot use an edited link when typing in a chat frame. (Such as when adding an enchant to an item from the list). What the system does is print the link in your chat frame so only you can see it. Then all you have to do is make sure your edit box is open, and shift click the link instead!

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