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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
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Abigail  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.00
by: Philburt63 [More]

The easiest addon for making lots and lots of WoW gold from the auction house, with all main options being held on one simple to use screen.

Scan the auction house, either in one go or page-by-page, and search for items being sold below their normal price. Search for items by either buyout or bid prices, and even check your active auctions for any that are being undercut by other auctions, letting you cancel and re-auction them.

Now works on servers with large auction houses (over 42000 items), but be aware it can take upto 90 seconds to read this information.

Compare auctions against price history records, or select the 'Current Items' option to just compare auctions against other current auctions.

Buy these items and re-auction them on the selling screen, with bid and buyout prices being automatically suggested from your previous buying and selling history. Adjust these suggested prices using simple sliders, or select the 'undercut' option to automatically undercut all other existing auctions for this item.

Search for all auctionable items in your bags and see which items are not being auctioned by anyone else, allowing you to corner the market. Sell items as either a full stack, or break it down into individual items.

Adds new information to the tooltip for each item, showing the prices you have bought and sold items for, along with their current average price, a ratio showing your auction selling success rate and the number of days since your bought/sold this item. Also shows the highest and lowest values for the item over the last 7 days, so you can see recent trends.

The Shopping List screen lets you create a shopping list of favourite items that have provided a good profit in the past, letting you quickly search for just these items if they are being sold for less than an easily user set price.

Protect items in your bags from being listed on the selling screen, so you cannot accidentally put them up for auction.

Updated for 6.10 and has six user-defined configurations, letting you create upto six sets of search options which can be reloaded with a simple mouse-click, without having to remember and manually change the settings each time. A 'Simple Profit' option also exists to speed-up the auctioning process, letting you just double the money you bought the item for.

Abigail keeps separate prices for each realm you play on, and even separates Horde and Alliance prices.

The Adjustment screen deals with those silly priced items that crop up every now and then, and a new Delete screen lets you remove a whole set of price historys for a realm / faction.

Shows a record of how much you have spent at the auction house, and how much you have earned through your auctions, with a total profit/loss figure also given.

Improved Mailbox facility, which when opening the inbox of the mailbox will show a new screen. This shows your (upto) 5 bags, their description and the number of free slots. Also are four buttons that allow you to quickly take all cash earned from the AH, all auctions you have won, and returned items that failed to sell and everything else, with just a simple button click.

Designed to work as a stand-alone addon, Abigail has been adapted so that it can (if you so wish) automatically work alongside Auctionator.

A simple to use addon that is a powerful tool without getting bogged-down in studying market trends. All Abigail pages have help messages, reminding you how to use Abigal, without having to keep refering to instruction manuals.

Full instructions are included in the downloaded folder, with hints and tips to get the gold rolling in. The Abigail website can be found at: www.abigail.webeden.co.uk

Version 3.00 25/2/15

Removed the Unlimited Scan option for getting AH details over the old 42000(ish) limit. The Get All Scan now reads past this limit

Made adjustments required to get it working alongside Auctionator 3.2.2

Simplified the Shopping Screen

Version 2.40 22/10/14

The buyout prices on the selling screen are now colour coded : Orange - selling at a loss, White - upto 100% profit, Green - upto 400% profit, Purple - Over 400% profit.

Stopped the Delete screen from removing items if they are currently in your shopping list.

Made sure the Adjust Screen has all its buttons reset when leaving the screen

Put in an option to search (on main screen) for only those unique items that only appear once in the current AH.

When Show Best 5 is on, adjusted the help message at bottom of screen

Fixed a bug that occurred when sometimes mousing over Tiller items.

Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when summoning a mount.

Adjusted the tooltip so that the purchase and selling records are always from the Full History Records, with only the price history details being from the Current or Full records, depending on which is selected.

On the extra Mailbox screen, changed the Slots Needed messages to Items To Take, as this is a more accurate description.

Version 2.35 25/2/14

Made sure using the MaxSame slider returns the best profits, not just the first lot of items found

Added 'Unlimited Scan' to the scan option button, so AH's with more than 42000 items can be read

Version 2.31 2/1/14

Released to fix the small bug that would often report an item as being 'no longer at the AH' when you tried to buy it after doing a 'My Profits' search. Nothing else has changed.

Version 2.30 17/12/13

Removed the Update routines. Abigail will no longer update its data records from versions earlier than 2.15. This is because the update routines have been causing problems for some users if their databases have become corrupted in the past.

Added Recent High and Recent Low prices to the price history files

Add a timestamp to the Recent High and Recent Low prices, so any older than 7 days can be deleted automatically on start-up

Put new Tooltip option on the Main Options screen - Show Recent Prices

Added a facility on the Adjust screen to combine prices that are within 15% of each other

On the selling screen, included an option to set prices based on Recent Low prices.

Made sure that all buttons are disabled when pop-ups shown on the delete screen

Fixed a crash that sometimed occurred for new users running Abigail for the first time

Added a facility to the Main Options screen, to search for My Profits, which will compare current buyout prices against your lowest-sold record, looking for any items that can be bargains.

Put a checkbox on Selling Screen to auto open/close bags for this screen

Made sure all bags are closed when leaving the AH

Made sure the bargains screen generated by the Shopping screen can be sorted correctly by columns

Fixed a problem that when after Deleting records, the Bargain and Adjust screens sometimes crashed.

Fixed a problem with the displaying of Profit / Loss values if user deletes current realm/faction price historys

Altered the Selling screen, removing the Get Low button, and made the Read Bags button automatically get the low prices.

Stopped the Shopping Screen finding 'bargains' that are a negative profit.

Made the shopping screen work on per-unit prices only, no longer full buyout price. Also simplified the Shopping screen by removing the Use Auction Prices and Price-Type buttons.

Version 2.20 12/9/13

On the Shopping screen, the option to ignore auction prices will now be finding all items in the list.

After a scan, the number of items scanned, new items and updated prices are show in the chat panel

The Mailbox has extra functions to take all cash, won auctions, unsold auctions and all other items, with single button clicks.

A new screen (Delete) show all realms and factions you have scanned the AH from, and allows you to remove those price historys you no longer require.

The Delete screen also has a 'Reset' button which will reset the Spent, Earned and Profit values at the top of the AH screen back to zero.

The Shopping screen now has a method of erasing a full shopping list, rather than deleting each record individually.

Corrected a problem on the Shopping screen where the on-screen buttons were not being re-enabled after an items was deleted from the list.

The item tooltips now show the number of days since an item was seen in an AH scan.

On the Selling screen, the 'best five' values now show a more accurate buyout value when 'per-stack' is selected

Adjusted the 'Deposit' value on the little tooltip shown when hovering over the Sell button on the Selling screen. This was not always calculated correctly when the stack size was greater than 1.

Changed the help text on the Deals screen if the last AH Scan was for 'Undercuts'.

Made adjustment to the 'rounding' calculations on the selling screen. Items with a buyout of under 10 silver, are now rounded up to the next full silver value.

Adjusted the profit + loss frame values so they are updated more accurately with money values when taken from mailbox

Made the profit + loss frame values realm/faction specific, so that characters on differing realm/factions will have their own profit/loss figures.

Fixed a problem on the Selling screen, that was incorrectly calculating the buyout value of an item when the stacksize was greater that 1 and the 'per-stack' option was set.

Made sure in the Price History screen, it is the lowest price that matches the item price that is highlighted.

Added a new button on the Shopping Screen, so that the number of times an item is found can be limited to the Max Same Items slider value on the Main Options Page.

Version 2.15 28/5/13

Corrected the problem on the Adjust screen that was giving errors if clicking on a Hi-Price / Low-Price when its was empty

Made sure the hover tooltips for the Adjust screen were being shown when going directly to the Adjust screen without going to the Main Screen first.

Made the Profit / Loss figure at the top of the AH screen show only the Gold and Silver values - we really dont need to worry about how much copper we've made.

Made the Shopping screen work only with the full price history details

Added some 'Cannot Be Undone' warnings when removing hi-low prices on the Adjust Screen.

Added a 'pop-up' reminder if it is more than 7 days since a scan was done with the deviation slider set at 0.

Adjusted the Shopping Screen to only work with Full Pricing History, since the Current Prices option really isn't needed on the shopping screen

Pressing a page-tab at the AH is now saving the current preset values correctly

Added to the Adjust screen a selection button offering 'By Value' or 'By Percentage' options for working out the difference between prices

Removed the Use Other Addon Scan button. The number of addons that were needed to be checked was getting out of hand, and it was too easy to find the databases being corrupted if things went wrong, as with the recent GetAll problems in patch 5.2

Widened the Price History frame on the Deals/Buyout screen.

Version 2.10 3/4/13

Made the selling screen ignore lootable items and items in need of repair as well as soulbound/account bound

Included a new facility to check if any of my auctions are being undercut, and option to cancel them

Now has 6 configurations that can be preset allowing different searches to be done easily.

Put a new frame at the top of the AH screen showing the Money Spent, Money Earned and Profit/Loss values on all screens, not just the Bargains and Selling screens.

Added a Simple Profit facility to the Selling Screen, that will simply take the recent bought price, add it to the deposit needed and then double it

Slightly improved the accuracy of the deposit calculation for the Additional Data tooltip on the Selling Screen

The Deals screen now ALWAYS shows the results of the last search (either for Bargains, Bids, Undercuts or Shopping List Search)

Stopped my auctions appearing in the bargains/bids list when doing a slow page-by-page scan.

Has a warning message for those times the Blizzard AH servers are returning silly results (Usually after a patch), telling you to use the page-by-page scanning method.

Changed the 'wait' message on the Take Snapshot button to 'Next Scan'

Added more tooltip help messages to column headers

On shopping screen, right-click a shopping item (top right screen) should toggle through the use method.

When higlighting over an item in shopping search list - show its percentage on the slider

Put a 'reset' button on the Shopping screen - resets all prices to Hi-Sold, and all percentages to 50

Version 2.01 29/12/12

Fixed small bug on adjust screen that allowed the Right-Click button to also remove prices.

Added 2 more variables [26] and [27] to hold Money Earned and Money Spent at AH.

Shows Spent, Earned and Profit fields on Bargains and Selling screens.

Made small changes to the recent-sold and recent-bought fields in tooltips.

Fixed a small bug that wasn't always ignoring Soulbound or Account bound items on the selling screen.

Put an Protect-Item facility on the selling screen, so that item no longer appears in the list of items to be sold.

Changed the Adjust screen so that it works ONLY with full price history, not the current price history as well.

Fixed a bug on the Deals/Bargains Screen that was allowing decimal points to appear in the per-unit price fields.

Fixed a problem with negative prices (or potential losses) on the Deals/Bargains screen not being shown correctly.

Version 2.0 04/12/12

Put in 6 new fields into the PriceIndex table. 1 field = Recent Bought Price, 1 field = times seen, 4 are blank for future use.

Adjust the Self-Clean routine to now also clean up the 'times-seen' field.

Change Recent Sold and Recent Bought prices to strings with a time() field added, so that the day(s) since the last buy/sell can be shown

Remove the Upgrade Routine, will not use the upgrade feature in future. There are 4 spare fields in the PriceIndex file, and these should be enough.

On the Adjust Screen, make the Highest and Lowest price columns just show the Gold figure. Only items to be listed are those with a difference of 1 gold or more.

Make the bargains screen show full screen of 13 bargains. Put the price details and 5 auctions on new frames

Added a 'Slow Scan' facility

Remove the Link Table and put the item link data as the first item in the PriceIndex data.

When the 'battlepet' frame is displayed in bags / bank / AH - show the tooltip for this item as well.

On selling page - check for my auctions and set buyout price for the lowest my-auction price

On bargains page - when showing the best 5 prices, if an item has no buyout price, make this the same as the bid price.

Put a Max Same Item slider on main page, to limit the number of identical items that will appear in the bargains list.

Reintroduce the Current Items option to search for bargains only based on the current AH information

Remove the bid/buyout selection checkbox - Now make this selection using the bid-duration button.

Put in more help tooltips explaining the use of the buttons.

On sell screen - put the Recent Buy Price in the sell-button Additional Data tooltip

Fixed a bug at the Bank when hovering mouse over an empty slot.

On Deal screen, Right clicking an item should 'force' a price into the list (or increase by 1 if its already there), shift-clicking will reduce the 'time-seen' by one.

On adjust screen - right clicking the Get Prices will look for 'silly' price differences.

On adjust screen - clicking the actual prices will remove the highest or lowest price from the history

Added the phrase "Full Pricing Data" or "Current Pricing Data" to the title of each page

On the Adjust screen, put in an auto-adjust feature, that will remove all 1st prices that are more than a sliders value times greater than the 2nd price.

Make the Realmname part of the priceindex take into account the faction = ie GhostlandAlliance or GhostlandsHorde.

Show the faction (Alliance or Horde) in top-left of all screens

On the Deal screen - put the Price-Per-Unit info at the bottom of the 15 price historys, allowing us to remove the Price-Per-Unit checkbox and stop us having to show a small tooltip

Fine-tune the Rounding facility on the Selling Screen to round to nearest 10 of silver

Version 1.34 17/10/12

Fixed a bug on the selling screen that would sometimes give 'silly' bid and buyout prices for items with a stack size greater than 1.

Version 1.33 11/10/12

Fixed various bugs associated with the new BattlePets and their tooltips / item links

Created a new Self-Cleaning routine that will remove temporary price files and will consolodate existing prices if needed

Removed all 'getglobal's and replaced with _G

Fixed bugs on the selling screen that were giving bid and buyout prices of zero when adjusting the sliders.

Version 1.32 19/9/12
Released for 5.05 and also Auctionator 3.0.5

Hopefully fixed the 'hanging' bug when taking a snapshot (I hasn't hung for me with over 36 hours of testing, but it doesn't mean its totally bug free. If you find a problem, please let me know)

Fixed the problem of only returning 1 page of AH data, instead of the whole AH.

Note - Abigail does not work with the SlowScan feature in Auctionator. Future releases of Abigail may have their own Slow Scan facility included.

Version 1.31 13/9/12
Fixed a bug that caused divide-by-zero problems if an item did not return a Vendor price. This has now been fixed by defaulting these prices to 1 gold.

Version 1.30 04/9/12
Major overhaul to get it working with 5.04 and Auctionator 3.0.1

For Version 1.20 - 25/5/12

Fixed the bug that stopped you from creating auctions on the Selling Screen.

For Version 1.10 - 24/5/12

Added a quick-selling screen to scan bags and allow quicker selling of items.

Fixed a small bug that meant the small tooltip was showing the Bid Price of an item instead of the correct Buy Price.

Fixed a bug when reading the mailbox and item name has () brackets, but not numbers between them, caused Abigail to crash.

On the Bargains screen, Left-Clicking to send the name to the browse fields will also display the first (top) 5 current auctions for this item.

Removed the 'List' option from the buying pop-up confirmation. This is now covered by the Left-Click function as above.

Put a check-box on shopping screen that allows a search by ignoring the actual prices.

Put in another checkbox to allow Suggested Selling Price to be based on the Buy-Hi Price of the item.

Make sure the 15 price historys are displayed when mouse-scrolling through the bargains.

Minor cosmetic adjustments to the layout of Tooltip pricing information.

UPDATES FOR 1.09 - 10/4/12

Quite a few changes this time, and a new facility to create 'shoppiing lists' of favourite items.

Fixed a major bug that meant Abigail was not always recording sold item prices correctly. This was due to the MAIL_SHOW event not immediately allowing access to the number of items in the mailbox.
Abigail now only records sold and bought auction items when the cash or item is taken from the mailbox. This allows Abigail to keep records of any auctions (bought and sold) done by Abigail, the main WoW auction house or even other addons.

Fixed a small bug that sometimes gave the wrong stacksize in the tooltip additional information when on the standard AH screens.

Abigail now has a 'Shopping' screen, where you can set a shopping list of items that have been sucessfully sold at auction.
This list can be quickly used to search the AH for similar items that will again likely produce a profit.

Now allow bid searches for Medium, Long or All as well as Short.

Put a check-box on the Bargains screen so the 15 price histories can be viewed as though they were the same stack size as the auction itself.
Right clicking on Buy / Bid button also toggles this checkbox.

Fixed small bug that was leaving the Cancel and Force buttons Enabled on the Bargains screen when moving from another screen back to bargains.

Taking a Snapshot in Abigail will now set the 15 min countdown timers in Auctionator, stopping you from doing a full scan there until 15 mins are up.

Put a button on the Option Screen so Abigail can read another addons data and create a snapshot from it.
This is not needed for Auctionator, as Abigail is correctly intergrated with this addon, but users of other addons may find it useful to do a full scan in the other addon and then press this button to have Abigail get a snapshot without having to wait 15 mins.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the AH to be scanned twice.

Fixed a bug that sometimes missed showing the stack size in the name on the Bargains screen.

Made the Min Spend and Max Spend sliders work on the actual auction buyout cost, rather than the cost per item if the stack is greater than 1.

Added a data-update routine to change the format of the Price History file to hold additional data, without losing any existing data.

Put in two extra fields into Price History file - Most Recent Sold Price and Selling Ratio.

Tooltip options are now - Hi/Low Paid, Hi/Low Sold, Recent Sold, Selling Ratio, AH Average, Tooltip Price History.

Right clicking an item in the bargain screen with Shift held down will now only send part of the name (upto the word 'of') to the browse fields.

Various cosmetic changes to frame positions.

Removed Quiver and Projectile from the Classes list - no longer used in game.

Abigail now displays 'help' messages as reminders of how Abigail works.

Changed the 'per item' checkbox on the Bargains screen so that instead of changing the display of all the prices on the screen, it shows a tooltip with the 'per item' price for the highlighted item only.

Added an Auto-Suggest facility to put values in the Start-Bid and Buyout prices on the Auctions screen.

17/02/12 Version 1.08

I wasn't expecting to release another update so soon, but two bugs needed fixing so I figured I'd put in the new options as well.

Can now 'force' a price into the price history file.

When searching by Bids under 30 mins, now allows a search for bids much cheaper than their buyout price, not just price history price.

Fixed a bug that sometimes causes the MaxSpendSlider to have a max value greater than the amount of cash available.

Fixed a bug that stopped Abigail handling more than 50 of our auctions.

Right-clicking an item name will also put the name in the search field of Auctionators Buy page.

01/02/12 Version 1.07

Added facility to bid on auctions with less than 30 mins left to run instead of just buying them.
When buying an item, you can now List all similar items that have an equal or cheaper unit-buyout price.

This is expected to be the last update until the next expansion comes out and any suggested improvements may be included then. Obviously, any bugs found will be fixed as soon as possible.

23/01/12 Version 1.06
Fixed the bug that sometimes crashed the game when trying to buy an item.
Using a Full Scan in Auctionator will now grey-out the Take Snapshot button for 15 mins.
Also, doing a Full Scan and then pressing the Done button will allow Abigail to produce a Snapshot from the same data, just click on the Options tab and Abigail will do the rest.
Fixed small bug that was causing the Profit and %age sorts to not work correctly.

Updated to work alongside Auctionator.
Disabled the bug that caused the game to crash when buying an item from the AH if that item is not on the first page of 50 similar items. This will currently give a message saying the item is no longer in the AH (as is another player has got there first). You could still use the standard AH Browse page to locate and buy it. This will be fixed soon.
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Unread 12-19-12, 03:05 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Forthcoming changes

A couple of changes in the pipeline, suggested by a user.

Firstly, Abigail is supposed to ignore Soulbound and Account Bound items on the selling screen. This wasn't always happening, so a quick re-write of that part of code has fixed this.

Next, again on the selling screen, a facility to 'ignore' items. This will allow you to keep items in your bags, that you don't want to sell, and Abigail will now prevent these appearing in the list of items that can be sold.

These changes will hopefully be implemented before Christmas, and will be released as version 2.01
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Unread 12-05-12, 01:15 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Version 2.00 now ready

Version 2.00 for WoW 5.10 and Auctionator 3.0.9

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Abigail, please read the Upgrade Instructions included in the download folder.
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Unread 11-12-12, 05:06 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Version 2.00

I am currently testing Version 2.00, and it should be ready for release near the end of November. (Update - the major functions are finished and working, just a couple of bugs to sort out when upgrading from 1.34 to 2.00)

It was originally intended that 2.00 would be completely separate from earlier versions, and would be building its database of files from scratch. I have now shelved this idea, and on running Abigail 2.00 for the first time, all 1.34 files will be updated to the new format, so you won't lose your price history records.
Last edited by Philburt63 : 12-01-12 at 11:15 AM.
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Unread 10-14-12, 08:44 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Selling problems

A bug has surfaced that give rather silly selling prices when undercutting the lowest current auction for an item with a stack size greater than one. Working on a solution for this, but it may need a complete re-write of the selling routines, so it may take a week or so. Look out for a fix in 1.34, but in the meantime it isn't too drastic and Abigail will function quite happily.

Last edited by Philburt63 : 10-17-12 at 01:36 AM.
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Unread 09-19-12, 09:49 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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The short answer is no. You wont find bargains without looking for them in the AH, so a scan is inevitable at some point. The Undermine addon doesn't tell you what is available, just what was available last time it looked - which can be 7 days old, missing lots of auctions. Sorry, but the information it gathers just isn't complete enough for a AH bargain scanner like Abigail (or most others to be honest).
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Unread 09-19-12, 08:41 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Instead of having to run scans to get accurate prices, is there a way to use theunderminejournal addon? Found here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...JournalGE.html & use those prices to find deals?
Rosoaa's UI
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Unread 09-19-12, 03:18 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Version 1.32 now available

Ok - version 1.32 is now here, and has been tested without crashing for me (doesn't mean its totally free of bugs - so if you find one please let me know)

Updated for 5.05 and also Auctionator 3.0.5. Please note, Abigail does not work with the SlowScan feature in Auctionator. Future releases of Abigail may have a Slow Scan facility included.

Please read the Instruction file included with the download.

If you do have any problems, please read the Having Problems file included with the download - this may answer some of your problems, or let you know what information I will need if you report a problem.

Keep checking out the Abigail website for further information here
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Unread 09-14-12, 02:18 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Possibly fixed

The only way i've managed to get Abigail to hangup is by first taking a 'getall' scan in Auctionator, and then trying to do a 'take snapshot' in Abigail.

This is normally prevented by having Abigail look for scans done by Auctionator, and resetting the 15 min countdown.

The most recent version (1.31) was not doing this correctly, but this has now been fixed for release as version 1.32. Also fixed is the problem of Abigail only reading one page of data instead of the whole AH. (Actually, the two problems were caused by the same programming errors).

I'll be testing version 1.32 over the next day or so, and hope to have it released on Sept 17th.

Sorry again for any problems caused.
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Unread 09-13-12, 12:09 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Sorry you are having problems, but there does seem to be a major issue at the moment, but I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. To help, please let me know what server you are on and what version of Abigail you are using. It would also help me if you could list any other Auction House addons that you have loaded.
Last edited by Philburt63 : 09-14-12 at 12:49 AM.
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Unread 09-13-12, 09:29 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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After hitting Take Snapshot WoW freezes indefinitely. I know it says in the instructions it may freeze for up to 90 seconds but I waited over 10 minutes and it still was frozen. Had to close WoW using task manager.
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Unread 07-17-12, 01:40 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Private Servers

I've had a few comments from people running WoW on private servers that cannot get Abigail to work correctly. Sorry folks, but it just wont happen. Private servers do not respond correctly to information requests, such as reading the AH, and definately do not provide game Events that can be checked. If you are on a private server, dont bother trying to get Abigail to work, because it wont.
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Unread 01-18-12, 11:06 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Please read the instructions before using. Also please note that after doing a Take Snapshot, you will stilll need to do a Search Bargains before you can find items to buy. This may sound obvious - but i've spent hours with some users telling me that Abigail wont work, when they haven't pressed this button.
Last edited by Philburt63 : 09-10-12 at 07:17 AM.
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