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WoW PuG: Builder

Version: v2.8.1
by: killerpet1986 [More]

This addon is designed to help you to set up "PuGs" for raids

LF{x}M {Raid Name} - Need {x} Tank {classes}, {x} Healer {classes}, {x} Melee DPS {classes}, {x} Ranged DPS {classes} - {Custom Message}


Raid Planner

  • Customize how many tanks, healers, melee and ranged you need
  • Drag and drop the tanks, healers, melee and ranged to fill in their roles
  • Set what classes you want for that role or leave it blank (e.g. Warrior Tank or Priest Healer)
  • Add a custom message to the end
  • Add quest, achievement and item links to your message by Shift clicking them
  • Select how many seconds to wait between announces
  • Auto-announce the message every x seconds in channel 1/2/3/4

Whisper Tracker
  • Records the last 5 messages sent/received by each person allowing you to easily know what role they are
  • Shift Click the frame to invite the person
  • Ctrl Click the frame to remove the frame

Other Features
  • Phrases such as "LFM" and "Tank" can be changed to whatever you want
  • Amount of tanks, healers, melee, ranged required and custom message are saved on a per raid name basis (e.g. 2 tanks for icc10 and 3 tanks for icc25)
  • Message can be in the format "LF{x}M" (English only) (e.g. LF4M ICC10 ...)
  • LDB Support

Slash commands

* /wpg show - Shows the window
* /wpg phrase <Original Phrase> <New Phrase> - Allows you to change the words (type /wpg in game for more info)
* /wpg achi <Achi Link> - Displays the ID of the achievement to use with {Achi ID}

( /wpg, /wowpug or /wowpugbuilder can be used)

This addon is awesome! How do I give you my money?

You dont need to donate, simply downloading and leaving a comment is good enough for me. On the other hand, if you want to leave a nice comment AND donate you can do so by clicking the donate button below.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Note: Ignore the "LFG List" section at the moment, it is currently in development and will be moved to a separate addon when it is complete

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A Kobold Labourer

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Hi there,

first - very nice addon.
Nearly exactly what i'm looking for.

two more questions:
Is there a way to confige dps "overall"? If isn't neccessary if ranged or melee, just DPS?
Is it possible to track the role of each player and automatically put them in the right group? (Heal/Tank/DPS, whatever)

Would be great!

Thanks in advance!

I've edited the lua to fit my LFG-Channel. It's always at channel 6, so i customized the lua to fit my requirements
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