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Updated:02-03-12 09:06 PM
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Version: 4.3.001
by: VagrantEsha [More]

Have you ever wanted a way to check a variable without having to open a lua editing mod? Just the ability to quickly check something without having to do that, or without having to type /script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(thing to check)? Well, me too.

And that's why this exists.

It adds /printvar and /pvar slash commands.

It does this:

/pvar SomeDB.var
PrintVar - Input: SomeDB.var
PrintVar - Output: 102

And that's it. It saves my sanity because the whole script thing just to check the state of a variable is too much typing!!

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Poor you, went trough so much work...

There is a built in /dump command that can print the contents of a given global variable name.

/etrace and /fstack are other supportive commands to help track events and their arguments when they fire and frame names on a position, their order, e.g.
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Yeeeah... but dump isn't always ideal.

Basically, I don't want to have to expend any effort on having to read clumsily laid out info. I just want an elegant display that's easy to speed read.

Dump can be spammy and ugly. I mean, look at this:

Dump: value=SomeDB.value [1]=102

Whereas my alternative does...

PrintVar - Input: SomeDB.value
PrintVar - Output: 102

It's easier to just skim over and read stuff. Okay, so, admittedly it's just a prettified dump. But it is a prettified dump.

(Edited to better clarify my reasoning - via examples!)
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/run print(value1,value2,...)
gives a listing of the string representations of the given values.

And if you run any Ace addon, there's /print, which even outputs the table structure.
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