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Ellie's UI for altaholics

Version: v1 (4.3 friendly)
by: Elehisie [More]

[size="3"]This is my edit of the awesome Mono Ui. This is my edit of the awesome Mono Ui.

My goal was to have an UI that would be as clean as possible, while keeping important and usefull information at hand, and in range of peripherical sight. When I started using Mono, I thought it was nearly perfect but I missed a couple features I had used before in other UIs, so I took elements from various places, and added to Mono.

This is also a good UI if you have characters with roles that would normally require different needs, like tanks and healers. With no repositioning, the layout in this interface works for all different kinds of roles. Or so I think at least xD

Yes. This IS basically Mono UI with a few added cool thingies.

This is my edit of the awesome Mono Ui. Features from Mono UI:This is my edit of the awesome Mono Ui.

  • Easy to set-up,
  • Lightweight & CPU-friendly,
  • Minimalistic Interface with support for multiple resolutions.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Features added by Ellie:
  • Improved actionbar layout
  • Imporved location of a few elements
  • Improved UnitFrames
  • Improved Bags module

Actionbars: added more space for buttons, now with 3 actionbars holding 12 buttons each
Locations: I moved and scaled a few stuff around to improve their location, and visualization

Unitframes: switched to oUF Proto for better plug in support, including debuffhighlight, movableframes, and others.

Bags: added support for kRestack and BagSorter and currency display.
I added the "Stack and Sort" button to the bags frame, click it to sort and stack your items in your bags. Clicking "Bags" will show the your bags bar.
Currency display (right above money) will show whatever currency you have set to "show on your bags" in the currency window.

It's still light weight, but some of the features I added do increase the memory usage.

You still have to go to lua files to configure.
use Notepadd++ or TextWrangler (on a Mac) to edit.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Installation[/color]
  1. *IMPORTANT* Back up your Fonts, Interface and WTF folders before you even look at any of the files inside the package.
  2. Unpack this archive into your WOW folder

Commands you should know

/extra - show extra action bars
/kb - enter keybinding mode
/rd - remove everyone from raid/party
/rc - ready check
/cr - role check
/gm - open GM ticket
/ss - initiate talent specialization and gear set swap

/omf - to move your UnitFrames around

Interface tunning
/en ADDONNAME - enable specific add-on
/dis ADDONNAME - disable specific add-on
/rl - reloadUI
/clc - manual combat log reset
/pnl - spawn grid on your screen to adjust position of your addons
/tm - show all action bars holders
/gf - print full frame information under your mouse
/setchat - sets your chat window to default position

Monolit's universal Mount macro:
/script Mountz("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount")
the addon will pick a propper mount depends on the location you are in (including Vashj'ir). Holding CTRL will override flyable condition, and holding ALT will override swimable condition in Vashj'ir.

Extra information (F.A.Q.):
Do not ask me any questions about how to change this interface to fit your needs.
Do not use auto-updaters to download new versions of add-ons.
BACKUP your cfg.lua files and everything else you modified before you update to the latest version.

hovering your mouse with ALT key pressed over an itemlink, achievement or ability in chat window will bring up the tooltip
you can set custom auto-invite word in m_Tweaks\cfg.lua (default one is 'invx')
you can access MicroMenu buttons (charracter, friends etc.) by right-clicking Minimap.
right click the "Config" button to make extra actionbars bars visible, middle click allows you to enter key-binding mode.

m_Tweaks contains various small QoL scripts that will automate some procedures in game for you, i.e. auto-greed/disenchant on greens, automatic repairs, selling grey junk to vendors etc. If you want to disable some functionality there's a small config section in cfg.lua.
You can associate your equipment set with your current spec by ALT+clicking the required set in Broker_Equipment dropdown tooltip. That will 'tie' selected set to the current spec so next time you swap talents to this spec the add-on will automatically swap your gear set.
To set your party frames look like raid frames open oUF_mono\cfg.lua and change cfg.showparty to false and cfg.partyON to true.

Please keep in mind I have a rather small screen (1200x800) so you might have to move stuff around and tweak the scales and font sizes.

I tested this UI on a Hunter, Deathknight (tank/dps) and a Druid (feral/resto).

[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]List of AddOns[/color]
Most addons listed below were edited by hand, by me, somehow.
You just can't simply substitute them for updated versions, but they are all 4.3 safe as is.
  • AlDamageMeter
  • AlTooltip
  • BagSorter
  • kRestack
  • LootLog
  • m_Actionbars
  • m_bags
  • m_BrokerStuff
  • m_Buffs
  • m_Chat
  • m_CombatTExt
  • m_Loot
  • m_Map
  • m_Minimap
  • m_Nameplates
  • m_Panel
  • m_Tweaks
  • MatureLanguageFix
  • oUF
  • oUF_CombatFeedback
  • oUF_MobableFrames
  • oUF_Proto
  • oUF_SpellRange
  • oUF_TotemBar
  • Postal
  • TulaCC

You can though disable the modules you don't like, or substitute entire modules, at your own risk.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Credits:[/color]
Monolit - for his awesome interface Mono UI
Dawn - for adding support to oUF for everything I wanted to add
Loui, Tukz and Elv22 - cuz they gave me the desire to mash good features form their interfaces into one.

all authors of the addons I used.

all the people Monolit thanked:
Allez, Affli, Cargor, FatalEntity, funkydude, Caellian, p3lim, haste, Zork, Tekkub, Tuller, Freebaser, d87, Rabbit, Ammo, Adys, Iceblink, Curney, Torhal, Nightcracker,Tenelov, ALZA, Don_Kaban, alekk - because they somehow were responsible for my edit.

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