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Updated: 02-24-12 12:27 AM
Updated:02-24-12 12:27 AM
Created:02-24-12 12:27 AM

Motorcycle Radio (Portal) -5 dB

Version: 1
by: Arxu [More]

Reduced volume by 5 decibel by request.
Click here for "normal" volume version.

Listen to a radio remix of Portals Still Alive -song while riding into the sunset!


Credits to Kelly Bailey for creating the music for Portal.

Does not go into addons folder!

Install instructions:

1. Go to your WoW install folder (where wow.exe is)
2. Go in the 'Data' -folder
3. Paste the 'Sound' -folder from the .zip in the 'Data' folder
(World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\...)


1. Delete the 'Vehicle' -folder from 'Data/Sound' -folder

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