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Version: V1.05
by: antigrimace [More]

ver 1.05
By Lifequest - Frostmane

RepGrinder gives you a list of certain factions that have mob kills, item collection and or daily/repeatable quests that allow you to gain rep.
The mod tells you how many kills or items you need to achieve the next rep level.

What's New:
* Updated UI id to 40300
* The main frame now updated on load

* If the RepList does not populate, click the RepGrinder title to have it load the data.
* There is a button on the mini-map that min/maxes the RepList or FactionList.

Factions support:
* Sha'tari Skyguard
* The Aldor
* The Scryers
* Cenarion Expedition
* Sporeggar
* Cenarion Circle
* Argent Dawn
* Kurenai
* The Constortium
* Netherwing
* Timbermaw Hold

* Updated UI id to 40000

* Added 2 more factions:
Hydraxian Waterlords
The Ashen Verdict

* Added /repg and /repgrinder slash commands that min/max's the lists.
* /repg help or /repgrinder help adds popups all button and info allowing you to read the info if it is distorted due to large text.

* Removed a debug print.

Special Thanks to Canitank @ Frostmane, for trying this thing out in the early early stages.

Questions, comments, bugs, enhancement please email me at:
[email protected]

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Would it be possible to add Ravenholdt to this list? Figuring out how many Junkboxes I need via calculator is getting old.
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