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Updated: 04-03-12 02:00 AM
Updated:04-03-12 02:00 AM
Created:04-03-12 02:00 AM

Dosk's Channel Initializer

Version: TossedSalad
by: Doskious [More]

This is a very simple, no-configuration addon designed to shift the default chat channel away from /say when initially logging in.

As coded, it prefers BattleGround chat, if you log into a BG, then Raid chat if you log into a Raid, then Party chat if you log into a Party, then Guild Chat if you're in a guild. If none of these pertain, the default of Say as the chat output will remain unchanged.

I know that for the longest time I've been frustrated by the fact that when I log in, I can't just start talking to my guildmates, I have to remember to type /g first. A minor annoyance, but something that makes a ton of difference to my enjoyment of the social aspect of the game.

Special thanks to Phanx and Rilgamon, for help with the coding.

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