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Ansi AddOns

Version: 1.03
by: Ansi [More]

Play the game the way it's meant to be played, but don't miss out on all of the amazing opportunities given by AddOns. That's the philosophy behind this package.

All of the AddOns has been carefully tested and chosen based on the following premises.

  • Originality
  • Lightweight
  • None-intrusive
  • Practical
  • Fun
... But I don't see any AddOns?
When you start playing you will discover all the cool and magic stuff hidden within this simple compilation, be it tradeskills and auction housing, battlegrounds or raiding.

  • /recount show (Shows Recount)
  • /sort (Sorts your inventory)
  • /sort bank (Sorts your bank)
  • /abs save <name> (Saves your current Action Bars)
  • /abs restore <name> (Restores the saved Action Bars)

1. Open your World of Warcraft folder.
2. Remove your current "Interface". (Drag it to your desktop for example, so you don't delete it.)
3. Download Ansi AddOns and save the ZIP-file to your desktop.
4. Unpack Ansi AddOns and copy the "Interface" folder into your World of Warcraft folder.
5. Launch World of Warcraft.
6. Go to Game Options > Interface > AddOns > BankStack. Uncheck Show Minimap Icon and check Reverse.
7. Go to the Auction House and run a full scan.
8. Kick back and relax, and watch the AddOns work their magic while you play!

  • AckisRecipeList (Helps you find missing recipes for tradeskills)
  • ActionBarSaver (Saves your Action Bars. Great when switching specs.)
  • Arena (Better arena enemy frames with trinket cooldown display.)
  • Auctionator (All things Auction House. Simple and intuitive.)
  • AutoRepSwitch (Automatically switches your Raputation Bar.)
  • BackStack (Sorts all your items into a neat and logic order.)
  • ClassIcons (Show class icons on portraits.)
  • EasyMerchant (Repairs with guild funds if possible, and sells your greys.)
  • FriendsWithBenefits (Automatically sync of friends between your characters.)
  • AnsiCombatFont (Tweaked damage and default Floating Combat Text font.)
  • IHasNoScope (Minor UI tweaks.)
  • InlineAura (Creates buff durations on your Action Buttons. No more intrusive bars on your screen for tracking!)
  • LilSparkysWorkshop (Shows potential value of items created next to items in the tradeskill window.)
  • PortraitTimers (Shows Buff/Debuffs on the Target and Focus portrait.)
  • Molinari (Hold down alt while disenchanting, prospecting or even picking lock boxes.)
  • Postal (Easy mail.)
  • Proximos Interrupts(Rework of the famous "I Interrupted That" /iit for options.)
  • Recount (Damagemeter.)
  • ReforgeLite (Automaticaly pops up when you talk to your Reforger. Helps you reforge based on recommendations.)
  • RETabBinder(Changes tab binding to only target enemy players when in PvP zones.)
All credit goes to the respective addon authors.

Removed a few AddOns and added som new ones.
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Simple perfect. What i was looking for... Thanks Dude
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