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Brotatoe's UI 4.3.2

Version: 4.3.2
by: Brotatoe [More]

Simple to set up, takes about 20 minutes to rebuild from scratch, about 3 minutes to setup after you get the hang of it.

After popular demand it is here! The presets for NeedtoKnow will be set for my abilities, simply right click each bar to change the name / spell debuff / spell available. to optimize bartender, type /bt4, go to profiles and open up BROTATOEREAL. To change keybinds type /bt4 again and click the keybinds option. You can hover over which button you want to keybind, press escape to clear an existing one or press the button you want bound and it will do it instantly.

To obtain the dps graph open up recount and CTRL+CLICK your NAME on the chart to get what statistics you want.

All credit given to each creator of every addon is in the screenshots where you can find a list of all the addons inside the folder.

If you have any questions about the UI feel free to visit at http://www.twitch.tv/brotatoe

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