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Excite UI

Version: v1.0
by: joaotomaz [More]

Hey everyone!

This is my new UI, and like you see its pretty cool, so lets see de tutorial how to install and how to configuration.


1:.You need to Download the Addon's Pack from the right bottom Download
2:.Now you'll unpack the zip folder for one directory you want
3:.Now Copy the folder "Fonts" to YOURINSTALLATIONDIRECTORYR/World of Warcraft/
4:.Now Before you copy the other folders please make one backup from your "interface" folder and "WTF" folder, ok now we can continue...
5:.Now you'll Copy the Interface folder to YOURINSTALLATIONDIRECTORY/World of Warcraft/
5:.If you make a Backup from "WTF" you can now replace that one from the new one i give to you.
6:.Open WTF -> Account -> YOURNAMEACOUNT (replace the name for your name acount) -> SERVER (replace for your Server name) -> YOUCHARACTERNAME (replace for your Character name)

Now the installation OUT of Game are Done


1:. Open your Game and check if your have the out date addons box check, if are check lets move on
2:. Now on your chat you'll write

  • /reflux switch ExciteUI

3:. Some addons are not configurable yeat like minimap, needtoknow... this ones you'll configurate by yourself because are addons for your class.

Credits from addons not changed
For Questions/Help comment please.


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