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Updated: 04-23-12 12:51 PM
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Updated:04-23-12 12:51 PM
Created:04-20-12 02:57 PM
Categories:Minimalistic Compilations, Graphical Compilations, DPS Compilations, Generic Compilations
Version: 0.6
by: Blooblahguy [More]
bUI is a complete UI compilation that aims to be lightweight, functional, and compatible. It will probably never include a collection of miscellaneous functions that are only useful to handful of people. Rather, it should serve as a UI baseline that isn't the blizzard default UI. Its mostly written from scratch and doesn't use libraries aside from oUF

This UI is very much in its beta, though its very functional. I've been using it throughout most of my WoW career, but there's much I'd like to fix and add in the future. Your feedback is priceless to me. Please let me know what you think!


Alt Power Bar
Bag and Bank (all in one bags)
Font Changes
Interrupt alert in /say
Loot Window
If you'd like more detail on each of the modification above, most are available as standalone addons on my addon list. They are out of date, but the features are reflective of whats in here.

There is a config.lua located in the main folder with ways to modify most elements. In the future, in-game config will likely be available (as a module)
Any feature requests are welcome and please leave your feedback!

Tons of thanks to a lot of great lua authors out there, Zork, Funkydude, Tuk, FatalEntity, Haste and on. I've learned lua from you.

Known Bugs

Bags have a few quirky bugs, particularly when interacting with the bank.
fixed a bug where the player debuffs were overlapping the target debuffs.
added a totembar to the unitframes
increased the height of all trackers (holy power, combo points, etc) on the unit frames
one more update for the minimap, thanks Baine

fixed a bug with the minimap lfg tracker

updated bags and fixed all known bugs with them

removed a section of the functions that was still checking for pet happiness o.0
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A Murloc Raider
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Originally Posted by Xpload
this UI is awesome. Please update it for 5.0.4
I'm really considering coming back to wow and doing so. Pandas looks pretty cool, but IRL is so profitable! What to do...
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Unread 08-19-13, 07:31 PM  
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Awesome UI.
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Unread 08-30-13, 01:14 AM  
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this UI is awesome. Please update it for 5.3
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