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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Camill's UI
Version: 3.1
by: camill [More]
Hey guys this is my first ui, its very easy to config and use for all type of classes and speccs

Updated to 5.4.7

Its very easily to configure and u are ready to go

Its made for widescreen resolution 1360x768, but u can unlock and drag to fit if u have bigger resolutions supported.

Only few addons needs config like bartender, shadowed unit frames and raven i think where u go to options > profiles> Camill

Rest of the addons should be on default

UI scale is 0.8

addons included are

Arkinvenotry > bag addon
Atlasloot > loot!
Auctionator > AH
Bartender > Action bars
Button Facade > ui costumisation
Prat > chat
DBM > boss timers
Eclipsor > only for balance druids!
idQuestAutomotion > auto accepts quest on right click
itsyMM > minimap
Leatrix_Plus > fancy addon with many things to configure (repairs , whispers blocks etc)
m_BrokerStuff > similar to titan panel
Masque > same as button facade and use it together!
OmniCC > action bars cooldown tracker
Ora3 > useful raid addon for raid leaders for tracking some specific class abilities
Postal > mail
Quartz > cast bar addon
Raven > buffs
Skada > ...
Reforgelite > addons for fast and easy reforging without need to use a brain to calculate
Shadowed Unit Frames > unit frames
Tidy Plates > unit frames
TipTac > tooltips about players/mobs

all these addons are used from / or from other sources and none of these addon is mine or someone i know, many thanks to original addons creators!
updated to 5.4
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