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Flying UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.214
by: Flyingboots [More]


Due to low activity on Tukui.org, and me feeling it's a bit much to update this UI on 2 websites at once is a bit too much, I've decided to try and help out Tukui.org by only updating this Interface there. There are already quite a few updates that has not been uploaded here that already has been added to the UI. Also, updating this UI on Tukui.org allows you to get the Tukui Updater, and download/update this UI on the fly, instantly installing the UI to your WoW folder with a flick on a button.

All the information to use this Tukui Updater is all written at http://www.tukui.org and all you need to do is register to the website. It's well worth it because I will be able to keep all bug reports on one page, and you will become part of an amazing community as Tukui is.

Quick link to my UI @ Tukui.org:
FlyingUI @ Tukui.org

Tukui download page and Tukui Updater:
Download Tukui and Tukui Updater.

So from here on now, I will only update this UI on Tukui.org, but I still want this page to be open to people can read and see where it will be updated from here on now. On Tukui.org you can aditionally download plugins, skins and more addons that works with Tukui, and some of them also works perfectly with FlyingUI itself. So there is no loss in registering and being part of this community, there is only gain. See you there.

Once again, do not download the Interface in this page, go to Tukui.org. This version is very outdated now.

Due to several website stealing AddOns without author's permission, I hereby add this line:

This AddOn is written by Flyingboots of Tukui.org/Wowinterface.com, all rights reserved. IF this addon is uploaded on another website, it is not done by me and it does not have my support, nor do I have any responsibility of any spyware that may come along with the link.

Slash commands has been added for DPS and Heal layout. /dps for DPS layout and /heal for heal layout.
Layout swap button has been removed.
Another DataText point has been addded to compensate the Layout swap button.
Target of Target and Pet frames has been properly aligned to the Heal layout.

Target of target debuffs seems to be fixed.
Fixed so it is not out of date.

All the glamour textures has been removed.
Experience and Reputation bar has been anchored to the right chat tab background.
All UnitFrame layouts has been removed but one.
ClassTimers has been removed, I suggest downloading iFilger.
Druid manabar bug has been fixed, the error should not pop up once you disable Druid Mana Bar.
Druid Combo Bar has been moved to the player frame so it does not overlapp with the buffs of the target.
The width of the druid combo bar hass been corrected.

I have also made some other changes before I went on my break due to the depression, and I cannot fully remember what it is I changed, I suppose you can see all these changes as an "easter egg" for all of you.

The red color bug on several layouts has been fixed.
Red coloured backgrounds should only appear when Unique Color Theme is enabled, class coloured unitframes should have a black backdrop as usual.
Datatext for switching layout has had a remodel.
The font shadow of the Threatbar and Alt Power Bar has been changed.
Classtimer has been moved up for shadow priests, allowing them to use both classtimers and see the shadow orbs.
Battle net notifier has been moved.

Character portraits now has an option to either be on the side, or integrated onto the health bar.
Threat bar has been skinned.
Alternative power bar has been skinned.
The ticket frame has been skinned and made smaller for better view of the minimap.
The coordinates frame has been skinned.
The zone frame has been skinned.
Health background how has a faded red colour to tell the difference easier.

A function to change from pixelfont to normal font has been added, allowing you to change all pixelfonts to normal fonts on the fly. /Tukui, general settings and set Font type to 2.

Bag and bank frames has been skinned and re-positioned if your chat background is enabled.
Classtimer should now be able to be turned off in the config.
All the Classtimer layouts has been skinned.

Fixed the ghoul statusbar on the unitframes.

Datatext color has been changed once more, now into class colors.
Topleft datatext panels has been removed.
Stance bar now is in the topleft corner with a new border around it.
The small numbers in the middle of the screen has been fixed.

Datatext color has been changed.
Border color has been made slightly darker.
Fourth UnitFrame layout has been implemented.
Bug with the focus target power text saying "OFFLINE" has been fixed.

Healer layout frames has its height increased for more viewability and more space for buffs and debuffs.
Castbar icons has been fixed for all 3 UnitFrame layouts.

FlyingUI now has a healing layout and a DPS layout.
Layout Switch button has been implemented on the right chat tab.

ReloadUI and ConfigUI buttons has been replaced with another datatext point.
Portraits are now working for all 3 layouts.
Raid frames are no longer showing when you are not in a party/raid.

There are now 3 UnitFrame Layouts, choose from 1 to 3 in the config.
Datatext colour has been faded a bit to make them less powerful.
Shadows has been added to missing panels.

A lot of layout changes such as:
Right chat is now back.
Chat frames are re-skinned.
New UnitFrame layout.
Raidframes are now above left chat frame.
Animations has been added to several frames and buttons.
Datatexts are now in top left corner, in order to see them, simply hover over them and they will appear, click on them to hide them again.
Stance bar has been moved.
Mage's Arcane Charge Bar has been skinned and should function perfectly(Didn't test it that much, but it seems to be working).
Classtimer has been re-implemented to the Interface - Credits to Toresh for updating it and Kyros for creating it.
Color changes on some text pieces.
TukuiBar2 can now be hidden and shown at will, thanks to Pat for the help on that.
Classframes such as Combo, Runes and Totems now have shadows added to them.

Pet UnitFrame Castbar has been removed, it was not skinned and I do not want it in general.
Minimap has now gotten a shadow added to it.
Buffs has gotten a new shadow added to it.
Last but not least, pet frame has gotten a shadow added to it.

Completed skin and positioning of Arena Frames, you should now have no issues using them.
Target of Target and Pet frame width and height has been increased slightly.
Tooltip has been positioned correctly.

Completely re-sized and modified the layout of the Interface.
New UnitFrame layout.
Skinned more panels.
More datatexts.
Castbars re-modified.
Castbars now has class colors.
Raidframes now has more functions.
Full support for patch 5.0.4 and Mists of Pandaria expansion.
And so much more!

-- 2.2 --
Added a second Unit Frame Layout.

Integrated Tukui_Classtimer into FlyingUI and skinned it to its fit. All credits to the actual addon goes to Toresh of Tukui.org
A new option for smaller castbars, type /tukui, go to unit frames section and enable "unitframessmallcastbar".
Added some shadows to missed places.

Fixed the combo bar bug.

Added a shadowy border around all elements to bring a smoother blend to the background.
Some panels such as the actionbars and actionbar buttons has been set to Transparent instead of the default look.
Bug fixes.

Completely new layout, aswell as an external addon instead of a hacked edit of Tukui. :)

Bug fixes among unit frames.
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